Custom Antimicrobial Paper Products

Custom Antimicrobial Paper Products

Preventing the spread of germs at the workplace is a top priority for companies worldwide. Eliminating bacteria reduces the chance workers become ill, making for a safer, healthier, more productive business environment.

One switch that companies are making to adapt to the increased awareness of germs in the workplace is introducing antimicrobial paper products to their paper filing systems. It’s a logical evolution because standard paper products are vulnerable to collecting germs whenever they get handled.

Edofiber, a global leader in paper product manufacturing, provides custom antimicrobial office supplies to its worldwide client base that helps prevent germs from lingering or spreading.

Washi paper by Edofiber is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material for paper office supplies. Their antimicrobial paper products last longer than alternatives by embedding an antibacterial agent directly into the product instead of applying a coat of the agent at the end of production.

Unleash the Power of Customization

Customized paper products are excellent for branding and corporate messaging. And washi paper products are loved all over the world because of their luxurious aesthetic appeal. Adding custom images and text truly makes these antibacterial file folders your own.

Branding elements on printed materials offer several benefits:

  • Custom printed materials reinforce the main company message.
  • Printed paper items increase the messaging’s reach, providing a longer “shelf life” than digital encounters.

Custom antimicrobial paper products by Edofiber combine custom printing’s inherent benefits with germ-fighting properties. Working in an office is often stressful enough, without additional concerns about an unsafe environment. As companies move to improve their safety and hygienic procedures in the era of COVID-19, a transition to the use of antibacterial paper products wherever possible is inevitable.

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Take Charge in the Battle Against Germs and Bacteria

Slowing the spread of germs, bacteria, and illness will remain an ongoing battle. Office managers will need to review their policies concerning paper files and other shareable paper archives to ensure employees, clients, and partners’ health and safety. The use of antibacterial paper and office supplies is a powerful tool in the fight against germ spread.

If the antimicrobial properties aren’t groundbreaking enough, the fact that it’s Washi is even better. Washi paper is a national treasure in Japan. With centuries of history behind it, this product continues to thrill office suppliers and their customers everywhere. Edofiber has a lasting commitment to the environment and producing the highest quality Washi paper products, including its antimicrobial paper file folders line.

Source High-Quality Paper Products From an Eco-Friendly Manufacturer

Office suppliers who want to secure a consistent supply of the finest quality Washi custom paper product have the opportunity to partner with Edofiber. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, you can count on us to produce the finest paper products to meet the needs of your discerning business clients.

Japanese office supplies are highly coveted and remain popular with people who appreciate tradition and high-quality eco-friendly paper products.

Washi is a durable, luxurious, and gorgeous paper stock that’s ideal for personal, business or organizational use.

If you want more information about offering these innovative paper products and office supplies to your customers, please contact Edofiber about partnership opportunities today!

Paper File Folders with Innovative Antimicrobial Qualities

Paper File Folders with Innovative Antimicrobial Qualities

Antimicrobial products are in demand, and that’s no surprise because of how they help reduce bacteria and lengthen the lives of paper products. The agent eliminates 99% of the common germs and bacteria found in offices. That’s fantastic news for two fundamental reasons.

Firstly, these file folders contribute to a safer workplace. Folders shuffled around from hand to hand are a threat to anyone who handles them. Antibacterial properties help prevent the spread and propagation of potentially harmful germs, bacteria, and microbes.

Secondly, these folders are durable and attractive, so they are a definite upgrade from standard folders that are worn or potentially contaminated.

Why Do Antimicrobial File Folders Make a Difference?

Reducing 99% of bacteria is a win, no matter which department accomplishes it. Most companies are looking for every way possible to reduce the chance of spreading viruses. Following a guideline of recommendations will eventually lead to all traditional paper products getting upgraded to antibacterial versions.

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Is Washi Paper a Good Choice for File Folders?

Washi paper is an excellent choice for file folders because of its notable advantages. Washi is superior to most alternatives.

The Japanese love of penmanship and ink is why Washi paper grew as the most loved material for authors, writers, and office workers. The material has a distinctive visual appeal, is durable, and captures the written word and images well. Companies looking to showcase their brand in the best light enjoy Washi paper file folders because of their stunning aesthetics.

Another admirable quality of Washi paper is the production of this material doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Washi comes from the fibers of several bushes grown sustainably in fields. That’s significant! Edofiber is the only paper manufacture that has achieved Forest Stewardship Council certification for its environmentally-friendly paper products.

Are Japanese Office Supplies as Luxurious as People Say?

Edofiber has a line of antibacterial file folders that adds modern innovation to the lengthy history of high-quality Washi paper. Japanese office supplies are excellent because companies like Edofiber understand their customer’s needs and demands. Japanese office supply purchasers have long been considered the most critical and quality-oriented people in the business. Their desire to offer the best has inspired paper manufacturers like Edofiber to continue delivering industry-leading products.

Office suppliers who are looking for groundbreaking new products should reach out to Edofiber at once. Japanese file folders, especially antibacterial ones, are in high demand. Edofiber is always interested in working with new partners, and your most discerning customers will love Washi paper file folders’ visual superiority. This strategic partnership can help you grow your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.

Using paper file folders with innovative antimicrobial properties aligns your business with healthier workplace initiatives.

Washi file folders look better and last longer, making them a better long-term investment. Why settle for traditional paper products that are harmful to forests and don’t hold up to rugged office use? The less often you need to replace folders, the less time and money you’ll have to spend sorting or replacing them. Upgrade to antimicrobial protection with beautiful Washi paper file folders and discover why business owners love these products.

Antimicrobial Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Antimicrobial Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Several years back, few people thought twice about touching shared items in the workplace. But since the initial onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the general awareness of bacteria and its impact has grown. Office managers are actively seeking ways to make their environments safe for workers and visitors.

One innovative and timely product is the addition of antimicrobial office supplies for everyday use. There’s no logical reason to rule this product class as anything other than essential. Maintaining a contagion-free environment takes effort across a broad spectrum of areas – standard office supplies that employees touch is no exception.

Discover the Advantages of Antimicrobial Office Supplies

If you don’t know of the benefits of antimicrobial office supplies by Edofiber, here are some of the most notable advantages of their eco-friendly paper products:

  • The embedded antibacterial agent reduces germs by 99%. That alone helps reduce the threat of contagion passing among employees.
  • Bacteria is the leading cause of degradation of paper office products. An antibacterial agent reduces bacterial impact, so they last longer.
  • Antimicrobial agents slow the spread of mildew and mold, which help to maintain a healthier work environment.

Antibacterial paper file folders and printed materials last longer and make it safer for everyone handling them. The cost for upgrading is negligible, especially when you consider the superior quality and other advantages. It’s time to wave and say goodbye to the old way of buying office supplies!

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Fight Bacteria With High-Quality Office Supplies

Standard office paper products are most vulnerable to bacteria. Anything that employees touch represents a potential risk for spreading germs. Paper file folders are risky because they are in constant use in some environments, and bacteria buildup eventually leads to the paper fibers breaking down. That’s why antibacterial file folders are an intelligent office upgrade.

If you’re not familiar with Japanese office supplies, here are a few exciting things to know. The most durable and beautiful of all file folders are Washi paper products. Washi paper has been the top choice for consumers and businesses in Japan for centuries. Now, western nations are discovering their appeal.

Edofiber leads the way by delivering high-quality Washi paper office supplies to global clients. The company’s latest innovation introduces a long-lasting antimicrobial treatment to their line of Washi paper file folders. Unlike competitors who spray their finished product with an antibacterial agent, Edofiber infuses the raw materials directly with the agent for long-lasting protection.

This high-quality agent provides a more durable and safer file folder to keep paper archives in top shape. Not having to replace them as often means your investment in top-quality Japanese office supplies pays off. Implementing antimicrobial file folders shows your employees that you value them, respect their work and that you want to provide the safest working environment.

Covid-19 will remain a top issue moving forward, making it ideal for rethinking how you can improve your workplace’s health and safety.

Put your customer’s and employee’s minds at ease with an initiative to upgrade to the best paper products available in the world today.

Japanese File Folders Feature Unique Benefits

Japanese File Folders Feature Unique Benefits

Japan is a country that’s always held writing and inking paper in high regard. Their enduring tradition of creating artful paper presentations live today, with much thanks to Washi paper.

Edofiber is a leading Japanese Washi paper manufacturer who recently broke ground by launching an antibacterial file folder with distinctive benefits. While most manufacturers who offer antibacterial products use a spray-on treatment after production, Edofiber embeds the germ-fighting antibacterial agent directly into the raw materials, providing a better level of protection against germ spread.

Washi antibacterial office supplies have grown in popularity as more people learn about their paper products’ benefits. Embedding a powerful antibacterial agent deep within the paper fibers reduces the spread of harmful bacteria. Enterprises with significant paper filing systems are vulnerable to bacterial spread. For best results, they should consider implementing as many safety measures as possible to protect employees and curtail germ spread in the workplace.

What’s So Special About Washi Paper?

Washi paper is a part of Japan’s long love affair with pen and ink, exemplified by calligraphy’s fine art. People are passionate about high-quality writing materials to this day, and Japanese office supply buyers are some of the world’s most demanding. Their love for buying the best possible office supplies has pushed manufacturers to perfect the production processes to meet today’s demanding market.

Washi paper differs from other papers because it’s not a forest-derived product. The primary raw resource used to produce Washi comes from shrubs that grow in fields. These materials don’t contribute to deforestation. As you might imagine, that’s beneficial in a world where forests need protection.

Consumers and business managers who want to lessen their carbon footprint will find Washi paper and office supplies are durable, eye-catching, and hygienic. All of these traits are advantageous in workplace settings.

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Japanese File Folders Represent the Best Value

Japanese file folders represent a strong value proposition for office supply buyers who want to extend their product offerings. Washi paper by Edofiber is a proven product with international appeal and an excellent reputation. As one of Japan’s oldest, most trusted, and established Washi paper manufacturers, Edofiber is a strong partner for office suppliers who want to offer clients forward-thinking and innovative office products.

Customized antimicrobial paper products are an excellent way to build your brand. Adding brand and messaging elements to antibacterial file folders reinforce your image, separating your enterprise from others.

Edofiber uses many printing techniques to ensure the highest visual and print quality levels on custom folders. If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to make the switch to the high-quality and universal appeal of Washi paper file folders.

Embedded with antibacterial agents, they help protect everyone who handles them from spreading germs.

Edofiber’s unique treatment procedure produces a long-lasting effect while retaining the artful properties of the paper. Japanese file folders are in a class of their own.

With health and safety, a primary concern of employers and business owners everywhere, the demand for antibacterial paper file folders is sure to increase demand.

If you sell office supplies and you’re interested in offering these products to your customers, reach out to Edofiber today for more details.

Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products

Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products

Antimicrobial paper products are in high demand due to increased awareness about the problems associated with a bacterial spread. Microbes and germs commonly cause illness to spread.

The use of antimicrobial products helps slow or outright stop the spread of nasty microorganisms, including viruses, fungi like mildew and mold, protozoans, and bacteria.

Another significant downside for paper products exposed to microbes is that it degrades the physical structure, leading to staining. Stains and imperfections make the paper look old, worn, and unappealing.

When evaluating the use of antibacterial products, two prime benefits must get considered:

  • Microbe-resistance eliminates and stops the spread of damaging microbes, limiting their adverse impact on humans.
  • Antibacterial agents prevent microbes from staining, causing odor and product degradation.

Office managers who wish to uphold the strictest standards in safety and health should consider upgrading their supplies to include innovative antimicrobial paper products.

How do Antibacterial Materials Work?

Surfaces that contain antimicrobial agents hinder microorganisms’ ability to grow and lessens the bacterial count. Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 virus created an increased demand for antimicrobial products in every modern office. Unfortunately, any surface or item handled or used by employees poses a potential risk for viral spread.

By replacing traditional paper with antimicrobial alternatives, you’re taking steps to prevent germ spread within your home office or business environment. When you weigh the negligible cost of having this protective agent on your documents and office paperwork, the benefits make it worth the added expense.

For companies who continue to use paper filing systems for compliance or recordkeeping, implementing antimicrobial file folders as a replacement for traditional file folders is a starting point.

If you decide to embark on a larger scale project to sanitize your office, replacing older, less sanitary file folders with antibacterial properties is worth considering.

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Paper Products Benefit From Antibacterial Treatment

Almost all paper products benefit from antibacterial treatment. Industries like food, packaging, medical, and office supplies need sanitary office products to ensure a hygienic environment – paper products with antimicrobial protection ingrained in the pulp yield excellent results in office settings.

It was just a matter of time until Washi paper, Japan’s traditional paper product, was combined with an antibacterial agent to reduce common bacteria. Edofiber, long a leader in paper manufacturing, offers a line of an antibacterial paper file folder that’s popular with office supply purchasers worldwide.

Edofiber infuses its antibacterial agent directly into its raw materials at the beginning of production, which results in a long lifetime for microbe-fighting properties. That gives customers more value and confidence in purchasing. Office supply buyers always want a combination of features to ensure they’re getting the best solution available. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and antibacterial treatment are a winning combination.

New Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products Continue to Emerge

Companies that were once reluctant to use antimicrobial paper products are more willing to try them since COVID-19 captured worldwide attention. The disruption to global businesses and life this pandemic caused further emphasizes the need to clean and sanitize.

Employees, customers, clients, and visitors are sure to appreciate this attention to care and detail.

Worker Wellness Requires Germ Spread Reduction and Proper Planning

The safety of employees is always a pressing business matter. Companies that want to recruit the best employees benefit from maintaining a clean and secure work environment, including an actionable plan for reducing bacterial loads and germ spreading.

Offices are a potential hotbed of germ activity. One employee can quickly spread germs in these enclosed spaces by sneezing, coughing, talking nearby, or touching surfaces with unsanitized hands.

Even more worrisome, people who touch their faces after handling contaminated items or surfaces can become infected with conditions ranging from the common flu to COVID-19. Offices must recognize this potential for contamination because most studies show influenza and related viruses survive two to four hours after exposure.

Companies that should incorporate the use of antibacterial paper products include the following.

  • Doctors Offices
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Medical Clinics
  • Business Offices
  • Dental Practices
  • Schools
  • Long Term Care And Assisted Living Facilities

All of these enterprises have a responsibility to keep visitors, workers, and vendors safe.

Essential Methods to reduce germ loads may include any of the following strategies.

Safety Is Now the Top Business Priority

A recent survey by HR company Oasis showed that safety was the number one priority for companies looking to reopen or remain open. That means these businesses are ready to discuss the myriad benefits of antibacterial paper products. Edofiber seeks new partners who want to offer high-quality paper file folders and paper products embedded with microbial fighting properties.

Combining the traditional strong points of Washi paper with innovative antibacterial treatment makes robust and distinctive office supply products that meet modern businesses’ needs to stop disease transmission. There’s little chance any companies will be allowed to ignore worker wellness from now on if they plan on staying open for business. The poor outcomes experienced by countries worldwide during the current pandemic ensure that guidelines and regulations concerning surface and paper products will likely expand to include antibacterial treatments.

High levels of surface bacteria are causing significant problems. Introducing a solution in the form or upgrading to antibacterial paper file folders makes sense and ensures that the worker wellness program continues to expand. Paper file systems provide a hard copy archive and are integral for many companies. Protecting workers that handle the files is possible thanks to a multipronged, multidisciplined approach.

You Can Count on Edofiber to Deliver Innovative Paper Products

Edofiber has been manufacturing Washi for as long as there’s been an industry devoted to mass-producing Japan’s traditional paper. To accomplish that task on a broad scale, the company developed numerous ground-breaking tactics that modernized the production process, which was once one hundred percent manual. That same spirit of innovation led to the breakthrough antibacterial paper file folders.

Edofiber utilizes many various printing techniques on Washi Paper, which result in stunning final presentations. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, we remain committed to sustainability and worker wellness. If you’re looking to add high-quality Japanese paper products to your current lineup, contact us for more information on partnerships.

Innovative Antimicrobial Paper for Office Supplies

Innovative Antimicrobial Paper for Office Supplies

The subject of combatting germs in public settings like schools, office buildings, and restaurants lead the globe in 2020. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to change as the crisis continues, making more people seek new solutions and approaches to reduce germs, bacteria, and the spread of infection.

Antibacterial Washi paper is an innovative solution that marries centuries-old tradition with modern-day germ-fighting technology.

What Is Washi Paper?

Few printing materials have ever earned the stellar reputation of Washi. That’s because this traditional Japanese paper has distinct advantages not possessed by alternatives.

  • Washi paper derives from sustainable natural resources.
  • Washi is more durable than alternatives.
  • The end product is well-suited for a variety of printing methods and makes a dramatic presentation.

These benefits fuel the global interest in Washi paper office supplies, which continues to grow in popularity. The most recent innovation to Washi is Edofiber introducing an antibacterial agent that is long-lasting and slows germs’ spread.

The use of Washi is culturally essential for the Japanese. Working with Washi paper is a UNESCO-registered Japanese craft due to its enormous impact on local culture. The durable and aesthetically appealing nature of Washi paper is the reason it rose so high in eminence. Many Japanese crafts and arts, which rely on pen and paper, feature Washi paper due to its high-quality presentation.

Why Is Washi Popular for Offices?

Washi, which once saw usage mainly in Japan, is now gaining ground in markets like the United Kingdom and the United States. Office managers there are learning what their Japanese counterparts have long known. Washi paper is environmentally-friendly, durable, and looks fantastic.

Washi paper products are ideal for presentations due to their beauty. Custom printing services help expand the possibilities to include company branding and corporate messaging. For businesses that care about their image, using this paper is appealing.

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How Can Washi Antibacterial Paper Help My Business?

Adding antibacterial Washi paper office supplies is a wise decision for any enterprise because it helps fight bacterial spread while being environmentally sustainable. Paper file folders go through multiple hands, so applying an antibacterial agent protects employees. Edofiber’s file folders not only hold aesthetic appeal but they’re also exceptionally long-lasting.

For companies that sell office supplies, adding antibacterial Washi paper file folders is a straightforward way to increase revenues and market share with clients who appreciate high-quality and innovation. It’s an excellent way to introduce your business to new potential clients who may be looking for new solutions.

Right now, office managers are seeking office supplies that cut down on germ spread, and that’s where antibacterial file folders enter. Paper archives are useful for many enterprises, and fighting germs is now a top priority. Antibacterial file folders empower these companies to maintain their filing systems positively.

What Makes Edofiber’s Antibacterial Paper File Folders Different From Alternatives?

Edofiber produces Washi paper file folders with an antibacterial agent they infuse directly into the raw materials before paper production begins. That way, its effects are longer lasting than alternatives, which spray the substance on during the last stage of the production process.

Edofiber maintains an environmentally sustainable mindset that makes our products unique. We use non-wood paper and recycled vegetable ink to produce spectacular paper products that set standards. Thanks to our commitment to Washi paper, we’re the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturers.

Why Is Washi Paper Good for Forest Health?

Using Washi paper in place of wood-based paper products reduces stress on the world’s overburdened forests. Washi paper comes from three primary sources, the inner bark fibers of the Mitsumata shrub, the Gampi tree, or the Paper Mulberry bush. These raw materials grow on fields in Japan, not in the forest. Edofiber, as an FSC-Certified paper manufacturer, goes one step further to ensure that they don’t use forest-sourced materials during any production phase.

Why Is FSC Certification Crucial for Paper Manufacturers?

Standard wood-based paper manufacturers put enormous stress on the world’s forests. This adverse impact is significant because of the role forests play in the lives of nearly one billion people worldwide. The world loses seven million hectares of forest every day, which brings a myriad of problems with it. That’s the reason that paper producers need to commit to sustainability, like Edofiber. Doing so will immediately improve the lives of people and animals who rely on forests to thrive.

The COVID-19 Pain Point Continues to Grow

Businesses worldwide continue to introduce initiatives to slow down the transmission of virii and germs in the workplace. OHSA has introduced Workplace Guidelines for companies to improve worker safety. Companies are beginning to address nearly all aspects of their operations to ensure the best policies. Adding antibacterial paper file folders is another fantastic way to improve the workplace, especially at companies that maintain significant paper folder archives. These enterprises will want to take every step possible to ensure compliance in every department.

Edofiber Combines Tradition With Innovation

Paper office supplies continue to be a mainstay for numerous companies and organizations. So many of the products look the same and have almost identical features. Edofiber’s Washi paper products are distinctive and stand out from competitors thanks to tradition and innovation. Contact us to learn about our products. We’re always looking for global partners who want to expand the diversity of their offerings rapidly.

Office supplies remain a staple for record-keeping organizations. The need for antibacterial versions of popular products will skyrocket as companies continue to fight the spread of Covid-19. Awareness about spreading germs has never been higher, so it’s an excellent time to help customers secure their workplaces. The stakes are high, and most businesses are committed to using best practices to allow their operations to remain open.

Edofiber has been producing Washi paper for decades and has perfected the manufacturing process while staying true to delivering the qualities that made it famous. Remaining loyal to sustainable manufacturing processes while maintaining the highest quality standards keeps the best Japanese paper products coming. Antibacterial Washi paper office supplies promise to open even more doors to companies who want to experience the difference.

Discover the Benefits of Washi Office Supplies

Discover the Benefits of Washi Office Supplies

When stocking your office, you’ll find office supplies ranging from low-quality through the top shelf, with every other level in between. The reason for this wide range of products is to appeal to a broad market of buyers. Every individual values them differently. For some, they’re happy with the least expensive alternatives to keep expenses low. They’ll settle for a worse product that doesn’t last as long.

However, many other enterprises are aware that sourcing higher quality office supplies is worth the added effort and small expense. Found at the top are Washi office supplies, with a longstanding tradition of eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Washi supplies are known for their aesthetic appeal and durability, a perfect combination of value.

What Makes Washi Paper So Good?

Long favored by Japanese royals for their official communications, Washi achieved almost legendary status in Japan.

Washi is environmentally friendly because it comes primarily from the Mitsumata shrub and the Kozo shrub, cultivars, and the Gampi plant, which grows aggressively in the wild. The means of production and the base resource material give Washi its distinctive features, and the paper excels for many uses.

Washi is useful for producing a wide range of office supplies, including:

  • Envelopes
  • Digital Printing Paper
  • File Folders
  • Scrapbook Design Paper

Edofiber, as a leading manufacturer of Washi paper products, has perfected making large amounts of Washi at an affordable price. Office supplies are a high-demand product, and the traditional ways of making Washi paper and supplies by hand are difficult to scale. However, after one hundred years in the business, the company manufactures Washi paper supplies to meet the standards of excellence that customers demand.

The Japanese people and government consider the Washi paper to be a national cultural treasure. It’s a source of pride because it has proven itself a medium for simple office communications and legitimate artworks for centuries.

That fact is unlikely to change anytime soon, and new markets have yet to learn about this remarkable product. Office supplies continue to evolve to meet consumers’ needs, and Washi paper products promise to lead the way.

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Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders Are a Timely Solution

The global Coronavirus pandemic has taught businesses the value of maintaining hygienic offices. The risk of infection for employees rises when hygiene habits get overlooked. Most companies now realize that they can’t have oversights if they plan to manage a healthy workplace. For businesses in search of solutions that increase hygiene and reduce the spread of bacteria, the state of the art antibacterial file folders offered by Edofiber is an excellent solution.

Capitalize on New Trends

Antibacterial Washi paper file folders are a leading new product line available to office supply sellers seeking new revenue streams. The pandemic has changed how many people perceive safety and cleanliness in the workplace, and companies are setting new standards to ensure worker safety. When you combine those factors, it’s ideal to approach customers with an innovative offering that addresses a far-reaching problem.

Companies that sell office supplies must continuously refresh their vendors and inventory. Adding new product lines such as Washi paper supplies extends your offerings to target customers searching for groundbreaking products. Washi paper has gained an international reputation, and with an impressive history, it virtually sells itself. High quality, sustainable manufacturing processes make it appealing to people and corporate executives who are environmentally conscious. Add all of these factors to the beauty and durability these products offer, and you see why this new line has the potential to become your latest bestseller.

Edofiber has been a leader in the Washi paper industry for decades. The company is proud to offer leading office supplies produced using innovative manufacturing processes. Washi paper made the Edofiber way uses sustainable methods, ensuring high-grade office supplies that last. That commitment to excellence is the reason customers love their products. If you’re looking to add to your existing office supply offerings, contact us for more partnership information.

Antibacterial Washi Paper Is a Leap Forward for Office Safety

From now on, most workplace managers will be emphasizing safety. Their workers and clients want to know that they’re dealing with an operation that pays strict adherence to health principles and guidelines. Antibacterial paper products fill that need and will grow in popularity. Edofiber’s technique differs from competitors who merely spray on an agent after they make their paper. Instead, Edofiber infuses the antibacterial agent directly into the raw materials, giving it a much longer life.

Massive enterprises that rely on paper filing systems purchase enormous amounts of file folders. Now’s the time to approach them with the merits of Washi supplies. Adding antibacterial file folders is smart and will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the environment. As part of an overall approach to bring down the transmission of infections, that is no small measure.

Custom File Folders Are Excellent for Branding

Custom file folders are also an excellent product. Most enterprises understand branding’s power, so adding custom graphics and logos to their office supplies helps with branding efforts. Edofiber has a wide range of options for printing on Washi paper, including the following.

  • Thin Paper Printing
  • Letterpress Printing
  • High-definition Printing
  • Laminate
  • Seal Printing

Edofiber can fulfill custom orders, no matter how large. Paper supplies continue to be crucial for many enterprises, especially those requiring paper archives of their cloud-based documents.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Washi Paper

Another notable advantage of paper products by Edofiber is that they are environmentally friendly. Edofiber is the first Forest Stewardship Council certified Washi makers in the world. The remarkable thing about Washi is that the raw materials come from shrubs, which are grown in fields and not in forests. Gaining the FSC certification ensures that all production methods and sourced materials are sustainable. Forest ecosystems don’t get negatively impacted.

With everything going on globally, now is the best time to explore the value that Washi paper office supplies offer.

As a partner, you have access to groundbreaking products that are sanitary, attractive, and durable. Paper products by Edofiber give you a competitive edge as a sales partner. Contact us today for more information.

Japanese Office Supplies Combine Tradition With Innovation

Japanese Office Supplies Combine Tradition With Innovation

Japan is a country recognized for honoring traditions. Unlike other cultures, the Japanese aren’t always looking for the newest and shiniest thing. Instead, they prefer to refine their work to the point of perfection. That attention to detail and long-term advancements are the primary reason why the demand for Japanese paper supplies is growing worldwide.

In Japan, handwriting has always been a highly valued art form. That’s been the case for over one thousand years, and the love of perfect penmanship translates into a broad appeal for the highest quality paper to showcase creative work. This built-in demand for the best quality paper products pushes Japanese paper manufacturers to set the highest standards.

Japanese paper supplies have several advantages. First, the product uses the best raw materials for superior quality. Additionally, stunning design and durable binding make the final presentation of any work completed look professional and polished. Japanese consumers, especially those in the business sector, pay special attention to all these crucial details. Japanese office supply manufacturers like Edofiber strive to keep in step with trending demands in the marketplace.

Office suppliers and sales organizations can benefit from adding Japan’s world-famous office supplies to their product offerings. These products meet the scrutiny of clients who demand durability and aesthetic appeal when deciding their purchase. Business enterprises that keep and rely on paper files and documents need a reliable source of office supplies, including file folders and stationery, which creates the perfect sales call opportunity for vendors looking to reach new clients.

Tradition Is Made Better by Innovation

Since Japanese office supply customers have high standards, the leading manufacturers must continue to innovate to satisfy their requests. Although following established traditions is essential, it’s equally crucial to innovate and develop unique spins on current, top-selling products. Edofiber understands this requirement and continues to not only make products that are of traditional high-quality, but they go one step further innovating to make them even better.

An example of this technique is the antibacterial Washi paper file folders the company offers. Edofiber infuses the raw materials with a powerful antibacterial agent. Most of their competitors instead add the agent to the final product. The way Edofiber does it is unique and offers the distinct advantage of making the germ-fighting properties much longer-lasting.

Custom Printed Paper Office Supplies Provide Top Value

Custom printing is always popular for office supplies is custom printing. Whether it’s for simple branding or more complicated artistic efforts, adding ink to Washi paper results in a polished, beautiful presentation. Consumers everywhere on earth value and appreciate products that add value, and that’s one reason the demand for Washi never wains.

Not surprisingly, based on the commitment to excellence in paper production, Japan is the world’s third-leading supplier of office products by volume. Edofiber has a long history as a paper manufacturer in that country, dating back nearly one hundred years. The first part of the company’s name originates from Tokyo, which was once called Edo. Fiber naturally refers to the raw materials that make Washi so strong.

With so many years in business, the company began to expand to overseas locations, including the United States and the United Kingdom. As more customers learn about Japanese office supplies‘ advantages and benefits, they’re becoming a staple in those essential consumer markets.

Edofiber continues to rely on demanding customers’ feedback to create compelling paper products for their needs. Working with international vendors and sales teams, the company has helped provide offices and companies in these territories with their high-quality paper products and office supplies. Vendors who partner with Edofiber get the opportunity to offer exciting, innovative, and eco-friendly office supplies to their clients, helping them to establish a promising new revenue stream.

With a track record of selling in other markets, new partners in the US and UK can move ahead with a pitch for their most demanding customers to introduce them to Japan’s best office products.

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Consider Why Washi Paper Is Still So Popular

Very few office supply products have an over eleven hundred year history like Washi paper. For all that time, Washi has been revered by people for its beauty and craftsmanship. It’s an extremely durable paper and one that’s well-suited for print. Crisp images and text add to branding elements and the overall appeal, ensuring it exudes Washi quality.

Edofiber is one of Japan’s largest Washi manufacturers and the first-ever Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer. This designation is noteworthy because paper production is one of the leading causes of forest decline. Companies that uphold the Forest Stewardship Council’s standards do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and other negative impacts on the environment.

Office Supplies From Japan Have High Demand

Office supplies made in Japan hold a large market share due to total customer satisfaction and meeting the highest standards. Edofiber takes those principles and builds upon them further, adding innovation, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to quality. We’re seeking partnerships with vendors who want to expand their product lines, so contact us now if you’re interested.

Ever since Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., our parent company, first mechanized the Washi paper production process, we have sought to expand global market share through partnerships. The ambition to continue to bring Washi in line with current times through unveiling and upgrading techniques continues to yield results. As long as consumers seek new innovative products, there will always be new areas to explore, especially for time-tested products like Washi paper.

Japanese paper and office supplies uphold a well-deserved reputation in business circles. Since Washi paper is intertwined in Japan’s natural culture and makes people proud, it ranks highly with all who use it. Durability and beauty only add to the reasons it’s a worthwhile investment for business operations.

Paper Office Supplies Remain a Stalwart

Office supplies, including paper file folders, are useful for keeping an offline archive of their critical files. Even if the industry you’re in doesn’t require them, it’s advantageous to augment digital and cloud storage solutions.

But the issue with traditional paper is it requires fresh trees and timber for production. Without sustainable manufacturing, the planet is at risk.

The longstanding Japanese tradition of making sustainable and eco-friendly office supplies continues. Our spirit of innovation, combined with a commitment to excellence, provides international sales partners with groundbreaking new products to grow your lines and revenue streams.

What Are Japanese File Folders and Why Are They Better Than Traditional Office Supplies?

What Are Japanese File Folders and Why Are They Better Than Traditional Office Supplies?

Japanese file folders are ideal for offices that require durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and functional folders for their filing systems.

File folders are invaluable when organizing records. Unlike average, run of the mill file folders, Japanese file folders embrace a long tradition of excellence, including special care when sourcing the materials. Washi paper sets a higher standard among paper products because of its durability and inherent beauty. Companies worldwide are discovering the value for themselves by adding Japanese file folders to their product offerings.

Antibacterial Japanese File Folders Defend Against Germs

Since the Covid-19 pandemic rose to the forefront of public consciousness, companies are looking for ways to reduce bacterial counts whenever possible. Treating paper with antibacterial protection is always a sound idea, and the methodologies Edofiber uses with their Washi paper is groundbreaking. Instead of applying an antibacterial solution in the last step of the manufacturing process, they infuse these antibacterial properties directly in the paper product.

Edofiber has developed a top reputation as a result of dedication to craft and innovation. Their new antibacterial Washi paper is one shining example of their modernism that empowers companies to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional file folders. Employees want assurance that their employers provide and maintain safe work and business environments. Using antibacterial Washi paper file folders makes a bold declaration of commitment to hygiene, in addition to providing a host of other benefits.

Responsible Forest Stewardship Matters

Edofiber is one of the only international paper manufacturers that is Forest Service Council certified for following the strictest environmental practices. That’s a compelling designation that confirms the company supports sustainable manufacturing processes that help forest ecosystems prosper. Globally, millions of lifeforms call forests their home, and humans depend on the resources for various reasons. FSC-Certified manufacturers remain committed to manufacturing techniques that help forests flourish.

Woodlands play a vital role in the health and balance of the environment. For forest resources to thrive for generations to come, sustainable growth and harvest methodologies must get enforced. To preserve these natural resources, FSC-Certification helps teach companies the procedures they must use. These procedures ensure that all companies throughout the supply chain use sustainable production methods during all production stages, from sourcing to shipping.

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Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has a luxurious feel due in part to the unique raw materials it uses. They aren’t wood-based paper products. With this premium paper material, a variety of printing processes, and many colors, there are few limits to the fine Washi paper’s look and feel.

Upgraded Paper File Document Storage

When you need to get your paperwork and documents sorted, Washi Paper Files are an elegant and durable solution. Here are some suggestions for keeping files organized.

  • Color coding: Color-coding systems help to keep your files in order. For success, anyone who accesses it should understand the color coding and follow it consistently. Consider using colored labels or different colored file folders, whichever best suits your purpose.
  • Label making: Modern label makers allow you to affix descriptive labels to folders and storage systems. For extra-complex systems, clear and easy to read labels are straightforward for everyone. Self-created tags make sure that your file folders are always neat and organized.
  • Careful categorizing: Creating a sensible categorization system is always a top priority for a filing system. Knowing which papers go where with a glance means you’ll rarely if ever, misfile something important. It pays to be thoughtful upfront, but you may always add additional subcategories when your needs grow.

At the core of any of these strategies, it makes sense to use file folders that last. Washi paper is perfect for that purpose because traditional Japanese paper is known for its unparalleled beauty, strength, and quality. The products’ source is the fibers collected from the Misumata Shrub, the Mulberry Bush, Hemp, Rice, Bamboo, and the Gampi Tree. Up until the early twentieth century, Washi was available almost exclusively in Japan. Over the years, it became nearly synonymous with Japanese quality, and Edofiber upholds the tradition.

Edofiber offers antibacterial Japanese file folders using state of the art manufacturing techniques. They use vegetable oil ink and bamboo pulp to create an array of eye-catching colors using the traditional Tesuki washing production strategies.

Choose to Offer the Best Paper File Folders

We meet the demands of industrial customers using a variety of printing processes. No matter the order size, our experienced team can deliver the perfect product. Experience the quality of Japanese file folders made by a manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience. File folders are always in demand, and many large organizations and enterprises rely on paper records to keep track of paperwork.

The antibacterial treatment is not topical or surface-coated; instead, it’s embedded deep within the Washi paper’s fibers. The antibacterial benefits last much longer than surface-treated paper products. For customers who want a quality presentation and long-lasting antibacterial properties, this is an irresistible selling point. Clients reap the benefits of better organization and presentation using Washi file folders.

More than ever, companies are concerned about hygiene in the workplace. When multiple people touch the folders, the risk for passing germs increases, that’s why antibacterial folders are sensible. These folders reduce the risk of transmission while improving peace of mind. Organizations that value their worker’s safety are positioning themselves as leaders.

File systems will continue to be integral for organizations, both for homes and offices. People’s needs to store receipts, titles, insurance policies, and other documents have changed very little over the years. For health-conscious people, antibacterial file folders help support their lifestyle. Not only do antibacterial folders keep everything in its place, but they also keep bacteria at bay.

Edofiber is an international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and other high-quality office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide. If you’re looking to add high-quality, in-demand products to your roster, contact us today.

Our extensive line enhances your offerings, providing you with groundbreaking new ways to grow revenues. Reliable products make for happy customers, and our traditional Japanese file folders keep people coming back for more.

Japanese Office Supplies Earn Their Reputation for Quality and Beauty

Japanese Office Supplies Earn Their Reputation for Quality and Beauty

Products made by Japanese manufactures have earned a global reputation for reliability, precision, and durability. It took decades of consistent production to reach that pinnacle, and now people order with confidence.

Japanese office supplies are gaining popularity worldwide with people who appreciate aesthetics and their durable nature. Washi paper and other stationary types hold high esteem due to their adherence to traditional manufacturing processes.

Japanese stationery is garnering interest from people well outside of its traditional sphere of influence. As modern consumers become more interested in planners, calligraphy, study tools, and journaling, it’s no surprise they run directly into the proud Japanese tradition of producing stellar stationery and office supplies. Japan became famous for its paper products because of the processes they follow when manufacturing Washi. This variety of paper products is a durable and beautiful final product ideal for use and presentation.

Fine Paper Is the Result of Attention to Detail

Japanese stationery leads the way because of its excellent quality. With a thoughtful and inspiring design, customers who demand the highest quality when putting pen to paper, washi paper rises to the occasion every time. A craftsman is sure to appreciate the fruit of their work when working with Washi paper.

As it relates to manufacturing, it takes committed teams of engineers and designers scrutinizing every last detail to produce reliable, attractive, and worthwhile products.

Japanese Traditional Paper Manufacturing Respects Writing as Art

The art of Japanese calligraphy taught generations of people high standards for writing in Japan. Washi paper helps artists adhere to their demands for superior paper products. Washi paper products are gorgeous and very durable, making them ideal for saving drawings and written documents. Japanese traditions have always shown respect for penmanship, even elevating it to an art form. Making beautiful calligraphy, or “shodo,” requires an admiration for detail and craft.

Writing and record keeping remain essential tasks for millions of people. Although most people complete a great deal of work on computers and handheld devices, many love the feel of pen and paper. Washi paper products, including file folders and stationery, give people a natural canvas for making prints or showcasing their work.

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Edofiber Supports Forest Preservation Using Sustainable Strategies

Edofiber is a highly regarded Japanese paper manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience bringing the best products to customers. They hold the highest honor of being one of the only international paper manufactures which have received Forest Service Council certifications. The company rigorously adheres to a set of detailed environmentally-friendly practices to help preserve these natural resources for the immediate future and future generations.

Over eighty percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, which cover thirty-one percent of the world’s land area. Perhaps most dramatically of all, over 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood or survival. That’s why proper stewardship of forest resources, especially by paper manufacturers, is so important.

Consumers who value eco-friendly products and sustainability are sensible to do business with companies that share these values. The forest needs a commitment from everyone in the product value chain to ensure production principles that support a thriving planet. Edofiber is proud of its dedication to FSC principles and the eco-friendly products the company produces.

Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has several advantages, including adding a luxurious feel to office supplies, setting them apart from ordinary files. One of Washi’s most distinguishing features is the raw materials used to create the product, including fibers from Hemp, Bamboo, Rice, the Mulberry Bush, the Gampi Tree, or the Misumata Shrub.

Standard paper products rely on natural resources derived from wood for production. Additionally, they don’t aren’t as durable or beautiful as Washi. That’s one reason why office suppliers choose to sell these compelling products. Edofiber, a company that has long been a leader in developing innovative new products, has recently added antibacterial Washi paper to its offerings.

This product introduction comes at an interesting time, as the global Covid-19 pandemic has spotlighted the need for taking more care with hygiene, particularly in office or public environments.

Long-Lasting Antibacterial Paper File Folders Are in Demand

Edofiber’s antibacterial implementation is an excellent innovation because it’s doesn’t use a surface-coating or topical treatment like most alternatives. Instead, the antibacterial properties get embedded deeply into the Washi paper fibers. That’s advantageous for end users because the antibacterial benefits last much longer than a surface treatment.

Health experts have recommended that all offices conduct risk assessments concerning COVID-19. Part of such an audit would involve tracking any business practice that could increase the risk and spread of infection. Although paper products and file folders may not immediately come to mind, there are few valid reasons companies would ignore the benefit of upgrading their filing system with antibacterial Washi filing folders.

Employees and management agree that taking steps to keep everyone safe is a top priority. In addition to regular hand-washing, using paper file folders with antibacterial treatment is a sound practice. It not only decreases the likelihood of passing viruses and germs, but it gives your team peace of mind when handling documents and records.

Grow Revenues Selling Antibacterial Paper Products

For companies looking for additional ways to sell office supplies, the antibacterial paper is a must. It empowers your sales team to find new customers who are most concerned about the health and welfare of their employees, customers, and on-site visitors.

Edofiber is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and Japanese office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide who need new products to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Customers want attractive and long-lasting paper products, and they’ll remain loyal when the quality is high.

Now’s an excellent time to add paper products to your office supply business. Japanese office supplies are a unique product that gives you a competitive edge. Treat your clients to innovative, world-class quality paper products manufactured with care. No matter what type of Washi product you need, our experienced team is happy to help with custom printing or large runs of file folders.