What Are Japanese File Folders and Why Are They Better Than Traditional Office Supplies?

What Are Japanese File Folders and Why Are They Better Than Traditional Office Supplies?

Japanese file folders are ideal for offices that require durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and functional folders for their filing systems.

File folders are invaluable when organizing records. Unlike average, run of the mill file folders, Japanese file folders embrace a long tradition of excellence, including special care when sourcing the materials. Washi paper sets a higher standard among paper products because of its durability and inherent beauty. Companies worldwide are discovering the value for themselves by adding Japanese file folders to their product offerings.

Antibacterial Japanese File Folders Defend Against Germs

Since the Covid-19 pandemic rose to the forefront of public consciousness, companies are looking for ways to reduce bacterial counts whenever possible. Treating paper with antibacterial protection is always a sound idea, and the methodologies Edofiber uses with their Washi paper is groundbreaking. Instead of applying an antibacterial solution in the last step of the manufacturing process, they infuse these antibacterial properties directly in the paper product.

Edofiber has developed a top reputation as a result of dedication to craft and innovation. Their new antibacterial Washi paper is one shining example of their modernism that empowers companies to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional file folders. Employees want assurance that their employers provide and maintain safe work and business environments. Using antibacterial Washi paper file folders makes a bold declaration of commitment to hygiene, in addition to providing a host of other benefits.

Responsible Forest Stewardship Matters

Edofiber is one of the only international paper manufacturers that is Forest Service Council certified for following the strictest environmental practices. That’s a compelling designation that confirms the company supports sustainable manufacturing processes that help forest ecosystems prosper. Globally, millions of lifeforms call forests their home, and humans depend on the resources for various reasons. FSC-Certified manufacturers remain committed to manufacturing techniques that help forests flourish.

Woodlands play a vital role in the health and balance of the environment. For forest resources to thrive for generations to come, sustainable growth and harvest methodologies must get enforced. To preserve these natural resources, FSC-Certification helps teach companies the procedures they must use. These procedures ensure that all companies throughout the supply chain use sustainable production methods during all production stages, from sourcing to shipping.

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Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has a luxurious feel due in part to the unique raw materials it uses. They aren’t wood-based paper products. With this premium paper material, a variety of printing processes, and many colors, there are few limits to the fine Washi paper’s look and feel.

Upgraded Paper File Document Storage

When you need to get your paperwork and documents sorted, Washi Paper Files are an elegant and durable solution. Here are some suggestions for keeping files organized.

  • Color coding: Color-coding systems help to keep your files in order. For success, anyone who accesses it should understand the color coding and follow it consistently. Consider using colored labels or different colored file folders, whichever best suits your purpose.
  • Label making: Modern label makers allow you to affix descriptive labels to folders and storage systems. For extra-complex systems, clear and easy to read labels are straightforward for everyone. Self-created tags make sure that your file folders are always neat and organized.
  • Careful categorizing: Creating a sensible categorization system is always a top priority for a filing system. Knowing which papers go where with a glance means you’ll rarely if ever, misfile something important. It pays to be thoughtful upfront, but you may always add additional subcategories when your needs grow.

At the core of any of these strategies, it makes sense to use file folders that last. Washi paper is perfect for that purpose because traditional Japanese paper is known for its unparalleled beauty, strength, and quality. The products’ source is the fibers collected from the Misumata Shrub, the Mulberry Bush, Hemp, Rice, Bamboo, and the Gampi Tree. Up until the early twentieth century, Washi was available almost exclusively in Japan. Over the years, it became nearly synonymous with Japanese quality, and Edofiber upholds the tradition.

Edofiber offers antibacterial Japanese file folders using state of the art manufacturing techniques. They use vegetable oil ink and bamboo pulp to create an array of eye-catching colors using the traditional Tesuki washing production strategies.

Choose to Offer the Best Paper File Folders

We meet the demands of industrial customers using a variety of printing processes. No matter the order size, our experienced team can deliver the perfect product. Experience the quality of Japanese file folders made by a manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience. File folders are always in demand, and many large organizations and enterprises rely on paper records to keep track of paperwork.

The antibacterial treatment is not topical or surface-coated; instead, it’s embedded deep within the Washi paper’s fibers. The antibacterial benefits last much longer than surface-treated paper products. For customers who want a quality presentation and long-lasting antibacterial properties, this is an irresistible selling point. Clients reap the benefits of better organization and presentation using Washi file folders.

More than ever, companies are concerned about hygiene in the workplace. When multiple people touch the folders, the risk for passing germs increases, that’s why antibacterial folders are sensible. These folders reduce the risk of transmission while improving peace of mind. Organizations that value their worker’s safety are positioning themselves as leaders.

File systems will continue to be integral for organizations, both for homes and offices. People’s needs to store receipts, titles, insurance policies, and other documents have changed very little over the years. For health-conscious people, antibacterial file folders help support their lifestyle. Not only do antibacterial folders keep everything in its place, but they also keep bacteria at bay.

Edofiber is an international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and other high-quality office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide. If you’re looking to add high-quality, in-demand products to your roster, contact us today.

Our extensive line enhances your offerings, providing you with groundbreaking new ways to grow revenues. Reliable products make for happy customers, and our traditional Japanese file folders keep people coming back for more.

Japanese Office Supplies Earn Their Reputation for Quality and Beauty

Japanese Office Supplies Earn Their Reputation for Quality and Beauty

Products made by Japanese manufactures have earned a global reputation for reliability, precision, and durability. It took decades of consistent production to reach that pinnacle, and now people order with confidence.

Japanese office supplies are gaining popularity worldwide with people who appreciate aesthetics and their durable nature. Washi paper and other stationary types hold high esteem due to their adherence to traditional manufacturing processes.

Japanese stationery is garnering interest from people well outside of its traditional sphere of influence. As modern consumers become more interested in planners, calligraphy, study tools, and journaling, it’s no surprise they run directly into the proud Japanese tradition of producing stellar stationery and office supplies. Japan became famous for its paper products because of the processes they follow when manufacturing Washi. This variety of paper products is a durable and beautiful final product ideal for use and presentation.

Fine Paper Is the Result of Attention to Detail

Japanese stationery leads the way because of its excellent quality. With a thoughtful and inspiring design, customers who demand the highest quality when putting pen to paper, washi paper rises to the occasion every time. A craftsman is sure to appreciate the fruit of their work when working with Washi paper.

As it relates to manufacturing, it takes committed teams of engineers and designers scrutinizing every last detail to produce reliable, attractive, and worthwhile products.

Japanese Traditional Paper Manufacturing Respects Writing as Art

The art of Japanese calligraphy taught generations of people high standards for writing in Japan. Washi paper helps artists adhere to their demands for superior paper products. Washi paper products are gorgeous and very durable, making them ideal for saving drawings and written documents. Japanese traditions have always shown respect for penmanship, even elevating it to an art form. Making beautiful calligraphy, or “shodo,” requires an admiration for detail and craft.

Writing and record keeping remain essential tasks for millions of people. Although most people complete a great deal of work on computers and handheld devices, many love the feel of pen and paper. Washi paper products, including file folders and stationery, give people a natural canvas for making prints or showcasing their work.

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Edofiber Supports Forest Preservation Using Sustainable Strategies

Edofiber is a highly regarded Japanese paper manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience bringing the best products to customers. They hold the highest honor of being one of the only international paper manufactures which have received Forest Service Council certifications. The company rigorously adheres to a set of detailed environmentally-friendly practices to help preserve these natural resources for the immediate future and future generations.

Over eighty percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, which cover thirty-one percent of the world’s land area. Perhaps most dramatically of all, over 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood or survival. That’s why proper stewardship of forest resources, especially by paper manufacturers, is so important.

Consumers who value eco-friendly products and sustainability are sensible to do business with companies that share these values. The forest needs a commitment from everyone in the product value chain to ensure production principles that support a thriving planet. Edofiber is proud of its dedication to FSC principles and the eco-friendly products the company produces.

Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has several advantages, including adding a luxurious feel to office supplies, setting them apart from ordinary files. One of Washi’s most distinguishing features is the raw materials used to create the product, including fibers from Hemp, Bamboo, Rice, the Mulberry Bush, the Gampi Tree, or the Misumata Shrub.

Standard paper products rely on natural resources derived from wood for production. Additionally, they don’t aren’t as durable or beautiful as Washi. That’s one reason why office suppliers choose to sell these compelling products. Edofiber, a company that has long been a leader in developing innovative new products, has recently added antibacterial Washi paper to its offerings.

This product introduction comes at an interesting time, as the global Covid-19 pandemic has spotlighted the need for taking more care with hygiene, particularly in office or public environments.

Long-Lasting Antibacterial Paper File Folders Are in Demand

Edofiber’s antibacterial implementation is an excellent innovation because it’s doesn’t use a surface-coating or topical treatment like most alternatives. Instead, the antibacterial properties get embedded deeply into the Washi paper fibers. That’s advantageous for end users because the antibacterial benefits last much longer than a surface treatment.

Health experts have recommended that all offices conduct risk assessments concerning COVID-19. Part of such an audit would involve tracking any business practice that could increase the risk and spread of infection. Although paper products and file folders may not immediately come to mind, there are few valid reasons companies would ignore the benefit of upgrading their filing system with antibacterial Washi filing folders.

Employees and management agree that taking steps to keep everyone safe is a top priority. In addition to regular hand-washing, using paper file folders with antibacterial treatment is a sound practice. It not only decreases the likelihood of passing viruses and germs, but it gives your team peace of mind when handling documents and records.

Grow Revenues Selling Antibacterial Paper Products

For companies looking for additional ways to sell office supplies, the antibacterial paper is a must. It empowers your sales team to find new customers who are most concerned about the health and welfare of their employees, customers, and on-site visitors.

Edofiber is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and Japanese office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide who need new products to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Customers want attractive and long-lasting paper products, and they’ll remain loyal when the quality is high.

Now’s an excellent time to add paper products to your office supply business. Japanese office supplies are a unique product that gives you a competitive edge. Treat your clients to innovative, world-class quality paper products manufactured with care. No matter what type of Washi product you need, our experienced team is happy to help with custom printing or large runs of file folders.

What Are The Unique Features Of Japanese File Folders

What Are The Unique Features Of Japanese File Folders?

Whether you’re making an effort to improve your organizational measures at home or in your office, it’s crucial to choose the best file folders for the project. By doing so, you can help ensure that all the meticulous work you put into sorting your documents helps to stand against the test of time.

For this reason, more people than ever before are choosing Japanese file folders for their paper document sorting and storage needs. While you might get tempted to settle for standard file folders to handle your essential paperwork, we’ll discuss some of the unique features of Japanese file folders that make them worth the investment.


Unlike traditional file – or manila – paper folders made from wood-sourced paper, Japanese file folders get made from the pulp of Mitsumata, Kozo, and Wild Gampi shrubs.

The loss of trees and forests is a grave threat to our world’s future, especially to all the species and wildlife that call these habitats their home.

Here are some of the most significant reasons for the loss of trees and forests in the modern era:

  • Wood extraction
  • Agricultural expansions
  • Mining
  • Dam construction
  • Cattle breeding
  • Oil extraction
  • Infrastructure development
  • Forest or wildfires
  • Disease
  • Weather events

According to National Geographic data, they estimate the globe lost 1.3 million square kilometers of the forest from 1990 through 2016. Currently, forests cover about 30% of the planet’s landmass; however, these natural resources are disappearing at a frightening pace.

Edofiber is the first worldwide Washi maker to get certified and awarded the Forest Stewardship Council. The company has achieved 40 targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for worldwide forest management, preserving these environments through consistent, sustainable, and eco-friendly operations.

By choosing file folders that have less impact on the environment, you’re doing your part to live your life or run your business more sustainably.

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Japanese file folders made from washi paper are known and prized for their durability and luxurious texture.

The long fibers and woody pulp of the Mitsumata, Kozo, and Wild Gampi shrubs create a strong bond that makes them ideal for multiple applications, including long-term and short-term storage or daily use.

In business or corporate use cases, they are ideal for keeping essential paper records, including contracts, receipts, client or patient information, employee records, tax records, and legal documents.

Their strength and flexibility can keep a significant amount of records without tearing, ripping, or bursting at the seams.

When you have a large amount of paperwork to keep in an organized manner, you’ll be happy that you chose high-quality file folders. Especially since mass-marketed, cheap manila folders often can’t withstand the rigors of frequent handling or long-term storage. You can worry less about the folder getting damaged and potentially dropping the contents all over the place.

Antibacterial Properties

When people are more aware of the threats of bacteria and germs, antibacterial Japanese file folders from Edofiber get produced using a groundbreaking manufacturing process.

Unlike many mass-produced antibacterial file folders available on the market that apply a chemical treatment to the folder surfaces, Edofiber integrates antibacterial enzymes in the manufacturing process. These enzymes get directly embedded within the paper, ensuring they retain the antibacterial properties of the washi paper for longer than other competing products in the same category.

Sensible use case scenarios for storing paper records in antibacterial file folders include:

  • Professional presentions
  • Health clinics
  • Dentist offices
  • Doctor offices
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Legal offices
  • Courthouses
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shipping and receiving departments
  • Administrative recordkeeping
  • Archival recordkeeping

It’s worth noting that companies should keep essential paper documents for no less than seven years as a practice. For businesses that rely heavily on paperwork to keep their company operating smoothly, this could represent a significant amount of paperwork to sort and store!

In personal use cases, antibacterial file folders are terrific for storing essential paperwork such as:

  • Property deeds
  • Vehicle titles
  • Loan documents
  • Product warranties
  • Product user manuals
  • Vital records, including birth, marriage, or death certificates
  • Veterinary records for pets
  • Registration paperwork
  • Social security documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Banking information
  • Medical records
  • Tax records
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Divorce decrees
  • Report cards
  • Photographs
  • Research papers
  • Necessary letters or correspondences
  • Children’s keepsakes

Whether you choose antibacterial file folders for personal or professional use, you’re taking steps to safeguard against the spread of bacteria and germs when these folders get handled.

As you can imagine, these antibacterial properties help you operate with more confidence that germs aren’t getting spread. In an era of COVID-19, it’s a straightforward way to offer an extra level of protection for yourself, loved ones, employees, partners, and colleagues.

Beauty And Branding

There’s no sensible reason for you to settle for boring and bland file folders! Japanese file folders manufactured by Edofiber offer clients the option to customize their office folders with their branding, which is ideal for multiple use cases, including:

  • Professional presentations
  • Request for proposal presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Executive paperwork
  • New hire orientation packages
  • Employee review paperwork
  • Benefits packages
  • Onboarding
  • Exit interviews
  • Promotional materials
  • Sales materials
  • Training modules
  • Board documents

Customized options available to buyers include edge-dyeing, embossing, foil stamping, watermarking, and embossing.

Regardless of whether you need antibacterial file folders with an elaborate or straightforward branding design, washi antibacterial file folders rise to the occasion.

They provide a durable and sensible solution for your specific needs in every application and are ideal for both internal and external distribution.

High-Quality Office Supplies From Edofiber

In addition to customized file folders, Edofiber offers a broad range of attractive and functional washi office supplies, including notepads, envelopes, and letterhead so that you can differentiate your correspondences by keeping them uniform and beautiful across the board.

Competitively priced, our office supplies are sure to meet your personal or professional paper document storage needs. For more information, please reach out and get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Our friendly and knowledgeable product team is happy to answer any questions you have about our products and help guide you to the perfect Japanese office supplies for your requirements.

Four Solid Reasons To Upgrade To Antibacterial Paper Products

Four Solid Reasons To Upgrade To Antibacterial Paper Products

Almost everyone now understands the essential need to put hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront of business maintenance. The Covid-19 crisis was a swift teacher to all organizations that neglecting sound hygienic practices is a significant mistake. Now, savvy business managers and office leaders are looking for additional ways to safeguard their employees and workers from germs, virii, and bacteria.

Edofiber is leading the way for Washi manufacturers by introducing a new antibacterial paper product that answers the call for health-conscious offices. These days, it’s not only schools and medical centers that care about reducing bacterial load. Small offices, home office operations, and commercial settings of all sorts face mandates that ensure they keep things safe for visitors, customers, and employees. Antibacterial paper products are ideal in helping achieve those goals.

It Takes Work to Reduce the Spread of Germs

Regular cleaning and maintenance is a primary tool to reduce bacterial loads. It’s an especially crucial practice anywhere where many hands will touch surfaces. Most companies share paper products among people, so adding antibacterial properties reduces exposure to common germs. Edofiber has combined Washi paper’s beauty and durability with a long-lasting antibacterial agent to introduce environmentally-friendly paper products.

There are many benefits for companies to increase their attention to providing a healthy and safe work environment.

  • Workers have better peace of mind, which keeps their morale boosted. This fact alone is essential during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Employees also benefit from knowing their employers are committed to providing safe working conditions. Nobody wants to catch a potentially-deadly disease due to employer negligence.
  • Compliance issues will increase over time, so it pays to stay on the right side of emerging issues at all times. The government may continue to institute new policies concerning the workplace, so following best practices is one way to stay attuned.

When discussing personal health, it’s worth mentioning that the well-being of the environment is also vital. That’s why environmentally-friendly products continue to gain in the marketplace. Edofiber’s innovation, antibacterial Washi paper, meets both goals equally. The company is Forest Stewardship Council certified due to its strict adherence to guiding principles that outline the best way to keep forests healthy when manufacturing paper products.

Fans of paper file folders will appreciate the beauty and benefits of our robust line of offerings.

  • Available in US Letter size and A4 Size.
  • Customers have their choice of unprinted ivory or plain white.
  • These are ideal for custom printed designs.

High-quality and durable, Washi paper is also globally known for its inherent beauty. Antibacterial treatments make it safer to the touch by slowing down the rate germs are transmitted. As part of a compelling overall approach to maintaining a safer environment, these forms of treatment make a ton of sense.

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Antibacterial Paper Is an Effective Way to Improve Your Filing System

There are no good reasons to avoid upgrading to antibacterial paper products now that they’re available. People have legitimate concerns about lingering germs, so it’s an easy way to allay their fears. No single method will ever prevent germs from spreading, but a multi-faceted approach represents moving in a positive direction. As countries and companies attempt to restrain Covid-19 and its impact, every little bit of effort will help.

The CDC has been explicit about its advice for making the workplace safer. They have five guidelines to ensure safety:

  • A responsible party should conduct daily health checks
  • A hazard assessment of the workplace can turn up additional areas that need improvements.
  • The managers must encourage employees to wear masks or cloth face coverings while at work
  • Develop practices and policies for consistent social distancing
  • Make an effort to improve the building’s ventilation system

Naturally, part of the hazard assessment will end up focusing on items that multiple employees touch. Safeguarding the paper filing system is one more area that they should address. The enterprises that rise to the challenge of combatting Covid-19 stand to gain a competitive edge over rivals who ignore the peril. Following guidelines is always excellent practice for businesses and organizations. Still, real rewards go to those firms that are willing to commit to the process of making their workplaces better than average when it comes to hygiene and health practices.

High-Quality Washi Paper File Folders Make the Workplace Safer

The Covid-19 crisis threatens to linger on much longer. In that case, any efforts to improve corporate standards will be crucial. Companies that show little enthusiasm for safeguarding the workplace will have a hard time attracting and retaining talent, and they may end up facing fees and censure. Governments worldwide have shown a willingness to shut down operations that they deem unsafe, and that trend may accelerate.

Edofiber continues to innovate its Washi product line, with antibacterial file folders being a recent addition to their lineup. These file Washi paper file folders retain their luxurious and aesthetic appeal while providing the additional benefit of bacteria resistance. Washi is a traditional paper product made from the Gampi, Kozon, and Mitsumata shrubs.

These shrubs remain popular sources for Washi paper because they have fibers, which are exceptionally suited for durability. Edofiber uses a unique method to infuse the antibacterial agent directly into the paper fibers. This simple method makes the properties last longer than the normal process of spraying the file folder’s surface.

By embedding the antibacterial treatment deep within the Washi paper, our antibacterial properties last for years compared to competitor file folders. For people looking to source a high-quality line of paper file folders, these benefits should be enough to win them over. Although it may be tempting to purchase low-quality, non-treated alternative products from competitors, it makes little sense in the face of a pandemic.

Custom Folders Offer Flexibility

Washi paper products remain a traditional Japanese classic. Custom printed antibacterial file folders make a strong statement for companies. Adding your branding to Washi antibacterial paper folders gives your filing system a distinctive look with extra protection.

Edofiber is always growing its network of business clients globally. Please find out how we can help you grow your business by offering state of the art antibacterial paper products.

Non-Wood File Folders Are Good for the Environment and Keep You Organized

Non-Wood File Folders Are Good for the Environment and Keep You Organized

You may be unaware of significant developments in the file folder industry. Edofiber, a leading Japanese manufacturer of the product, is now promoting several innovative offerings worth investigating. First, consider using non-wood file folders to keep all your paperwork in order.

Traditional Filing Systems Remain Popular

Paper files never go out of style, regardless of how popular online management becomes. People are in the habit of keeping vital documents records at hand, and paper filing systems have proven valuable through centuries of global use.

No one wants to waste time, whether working at an office or organizing paperwork around the home. A paper filing system is a traditional way to keep organized when you have extensive paperwork.

Without a system in place, it’s way too easy to mishandle or lose paperwork. Tossing it into a drawer or leaving it somewhere you think you’ll remember later is a record-keeping disaster waiting to happen.

Procrastination has no place in the world of organization. Tomorrow is not the day to deal with paperwork that needs filing now. You need to implement your strategy without fail or delay and use it consistently to achieve the best results.

Throw Out Unneeded Papers Immediately

Always decide whether a piece of paper is worth saving or should get recycled. If the document contains sensitive information, but you don’t need to keep it, shredding can help protect your identity or account information.

Procrastination is a thief of time, especially when it comes to organizational workflow. By putting off dealing with documents when they first arrive, it introduces delays and increases the chances of oversights or errors.

Be meticulous with your filing system to ensure you get the best possible results and benefits. Toss away anything that you don’t need without hesitation!

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Stay Consistent With Your Naming Convention

To keep things running smoothly, keep your folder naming conventions and categories consistent. Identifying each folder with a logical naming convention makes it easier to group related paperwork.

For instance, creating individual files to store documents related to your mortgage, appliance warranties, receipts, user manuals, reports, or business expenses keeps everything in one place.

Keep Similar Documents Together for Simplicity’s Sake

It’s worth keeping documents of a similar nature together. That way, when you look in your reports folder, you’ll only find reports neatly grouped. It’s always going to be quicker to find a document in a folder with one use.

Washi paper files are exceptional products for this purpose because they’re water-resistant and durable to handle all your filing needs.

Simplicity is critical when organizing. Streamlining the process helps save time and frustration. If you make things too complicated, you’ll likely regret it later if you struggle to find crucial documents when you need them.

Maintain Digital Copies by Using Your Scanners

Even though it’s fantastic to have all your paper files, fire, or other unexpected events would be devastating without having a paperless backup. Always scan your incoming documents and keep a copy on removable media and a cloud backup service. By doing so, you retain the convenience of paper copies and the security of having digital backups.

While it’s extra work to keep your records in multiple locations, it’s a step to keep all your documents genuinely secure. Having digital copies of your files empowers you to retrieve them if they get lost or misplaced. The effort is worth it for the extra peace of mind it provides.

Use Subfolders When Applicable

You may always refine your efforts by using subfolders. Using subfolders, you can relate documents that would be better off kept separate. You may not be able to think of every scenario when you first configure your filing systems, but that’s okay because evolution is inevitable when it comes to organization.

When you find that your record-keeping is branching into different directions, decide what filing methods best suit the situation, and implement a smart solution.

Separate Your Ongoing and Completed Work

The most confusing thing to do is to mix documents for ongoing and completed projects. Always separate your workflow and file wisely. This organization tip will help you concentrate on ongoing projects while keeping files for completed work tucked away neatly.

Once you develop a system that’s ideal for your everyday use, there are few reasons to make significant changes. However, if you need to make adaptions, use a strategy that tweaks and enhances your existing processes.

Since you’re a fan of paper files, learning about world-leading products that make personal and office organization more effortless than ever is worthwhile.

Edofiber Leads the Field With 100% FSC Certified Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders.

Edofiber, a Japanese company with a decades-long commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, produces non-wood Washi file folders for personal and business use. These high-quality files follow the tenets of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC.)

These file folders utilize paper derived from Bamboo as the primary raw material. Edofiber uses an FSC-certified method to produce the Washi paper file folders. People who use them reap the benefits of having beautiful, durable Washi paper, non-wood, file folders that are 100% FSC Certified.

Why Is the Forest Stewardship Council Essential?

As their name implies, the Forest Stewardship Council’s primary task is protecting the world’s forest from many pressing threats. Nearly one half of all the planet’s birds, mammals, and the most threatened endangered species live in forests. Deforestation threatens wildlife, but improper forest stewardship also emperils industries that rely on the forest for their livelihoods.

For people, companies, and organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint, Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders offer an eco-friendly solution. Attractive and high-quality construction makes them ideal for commercial, business, and personal document storage needs.

Non-antibacterial versions are ideal for healthcare settings, food service, and other industries where keeping a bacteria-free environment is critical.

About Antibacterial Washi Paper Files

Edofiber was asked by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to create antibacterial Washi paper files. The company responded with antibacterial files that were so successful that Olympic visitors could use them at pre-events and conferences held during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics throughout 2019.

For more information on Edofiber Washi products, including antibacterial file folders, please visit their website.

Antibacterial Technology Is Superior to Chemically-Treated Paper for Files

Antibacterial Technology Is Superior to Chemically-Treated Paper for Files

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s no surprise that interest in home organization has grown exponentially across the world. For many, this unprecedented time in history provided extra time to focus on household and business management.

When you have a lot of spare time on your hands, there’s little reason to let your cleaning and organization take a backslide.

It isn’t always feasible to throw papers and correspondence away, so creating a sorting and storage system that provides antibacterial protection is a worthwhile endeavor in fine-tuning how you handle your documents.

Gather Everything You Need Into One Spot

First, you should gather all of your paperwork and documents in order to sort them in a central location. Depending on how you’ve previously handled or stored paperwork, this could require some time and effort.

For optimal results, we recommend the following items to streamline your project.

  • A file cabinet or files boxes
  • File folders
  • Paper shredder
  • Recycling bin
  • Printable Labels

Each of these tools plays an essential role in cataloging your necessary paperwork and documents.

If you have significant amounts of documents to sort and store, using durable, attractive, and antibacterial Washi paper file folders offer all these benefits. The antibacterial nature of the product means you can worry less about the potential for germ spread in your office or home.

Start The Sorting And Process

To work more efficiently, set up five staging areas for your documents. When sorting, decide which category is most appropriate for the paperwork. These five categories include:

Immediate action required – These are high priority items, such as bills and other time-sensitive account statements.

Archival items – These are items you may need to use later, but with no immediate need for them now. These documents could include correspondence about insurance policies, purchase receipts, product manuals, warranties, school records, and monthly bank statements.

Household necessities – These are your goto documents like coupons, takeout menus, and other documents that you refer to frequently.

Recyclable – Unwanted mail that doesn’t contain personal information and is of no interest to you is ideal for recycling.

Shredding required – Any document that you don’t want or need to keep that has personally identifiable information, such as account numbers, contact information, or other sensitive information, should get shredded to protect your identity.

With a winning system like this installed, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you sort and file.

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Decluttering Simplifies Your Life

There are not many reasons to horde documents. Most hold very little special meaning, so sorting, recycling, or shredding them as soon as you get them is most sensible. It would be best if you prepared to shred or recycle as often as possible.

To avoid clutter, save only the items you need, and stay on top of handling things you want to review later, such as sales circulars. Once you’ve reviewed them, process them efficiently. Many retailers offer hard copies of their sales circulars in their stores so that you can refresh your memory when you’re there.

Use an Archival System for Vital Documents

Excellent organizational skills require that related items get stored in clearly labeled or marked file folders. This system makes life easier when you need to retrieve:

  • Passports and travel records
  • Medical records
  • Tax returns
  • School records
  • Contracts, leases, and deeds
  • Retirement, life insurance, and financial documents
  • Social security cards, birth certificates, and baptismal certificates
  • Employment information and records

For documents of this nature, using a fireproof box and labeled Washi file folders preserves them, even in the case of a fire. By assigning an individual Washi file folder for each category, you can group all your essential papers and documents accordingly.

A Central Household File Helps Immensely

A household file is ideal for storing documents that don’t need action currently but will, at some point, making them ineligible for archiving. A household file with several sections, binders, or pockets is perfect for keeping gift cards, coupons, and other documents you may need shortly.

Use Your Action File for Documents on the Move

Maintain one “action” file to keep high priority correspondence easily at hand, and use it as your hub to keep your household and finances running smoothly.

The most important of all aspects of organizing your home or business office is consistency. One week where you fall behind can plague your entire system and cause a pileup of disorganized papers and clutter. If that happens, you’ll need to double your efforts and go through the backlog until everything is in order.

Washi Paper File Folders Make Life Easier

File folders are multifunctional and ideal for use when organizing paperwork and diverse hobbies like scrapbooking. Selecting attractive, durable, environmentally-friendly, and antibacterial folders help protect these folders’ content, whatever they might be.

Edofiber, the Japanese standard-bearer in high-quality Washi paper production, provides all of these benefits and more. The company, a recognized innovation leader in Washi paper production, offers a robust solution: Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders.

Producing Washi paper is a proud tradition, and Edofiber continues to make developments and advancements in their production of this remarkable product. With a history of Thirteen hundred years of continuous use, it’s not surprising that Washi possesses many qualities that make it a formidable competitor in the file folder industry.

Edofiber has advanced the use of Washi paper one step further with its introduction of antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood Paper Files. The specially-treated paper is bacteria-resistant, making it a healthier and safer option than non-bacterial resistant counterparts.

Edofiber offers both antibacterial and non-antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders. The company has worked closely with the Japanese government to reduce plastic use and offer more environmentally-friendly product alternatives throughout the nation. This partnership has helped them develop the expertise to release breakthrough products.

As COVID-19 continues to overpower the headlines and capture attention worldwide, antibacterial file folders are a wise investment. Businesses and organizations, including clinics, schools, and nursing homes, benefit from using antibacterial products as much as possible. Naturally, people working from home or their business office also benefit from keeping their environments germ-free and are sure to appreciate alternatives to traditional folders.

Edofiber antibacterial paper files are printable, and the treatment lasts for several years. The art of filing continues to evolve, as does Washi paper and its many profound uses.

To find out more about Edofiber’s unique antibacterial file folders and how they can help in your pursuit of healthier and more organized living, please visit their website for more information.