Custom File Folders Cure Chaos

Custom File Folders Cure Chaos

For companies who want a cure for the chaos of unruly paperwork and enjoy authentic Japanese office supplies’ functionality, choosing Edofiber file folders is a savvy business decision. With a lengthy and impressive operating history and tons of practical experience making traditional Washi paper products, they lead the custom file folders market.

Customers Love the High-Quality Japanese Manufacturing Tradition

One of the most enduring, lasting, and admirable features of Japanese office supplies from Edofiber is the manufacturing process uses non-wood materials, making them more environmentally friendly than their traditional paper counterparts. Edofiber excels in this product category, and their company has achieved recognition with “Chain of Custody Certification” from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Consider the many uses of file folders to see why durability is essential. It’s no wonder Washi paper file folders remain a bestseller in the Japanese office supply industry. In environments where keeping paperwork organized is a priority, Washi paper cures the chaos.

Ideal for personalization and branding, custom file folders are great for company presentations and other printed applications that require branding and controlled messaging. When choosing custom file folders, it’s wise to focus on the product’s manufacturing quality and environmental-friendliness, both issues that indicate whether you’re buying from a top manufacturer or not.

Edofiber Combines Timeless Processes With Today’s Modern Forest-Friendly Standards

Japanese office supplies are praiseworthy for their quality, stemming from a long operating history of following traditional, effective manufacturing methods. Washi paper has been continuously used for twelve hundred years, proving itself to be an invaluable natural resource.

People who use Edofiber’s Washi file folders are sure to enjoy their luxurious feel. Not only that, they look incredible and are durable. They’re less expensive than versions made from paper or wood pulp.

At a time when people have become increasingly aware of the dangers of bacteria and viruses, Edofiber introduces a groundbreaking development – antibacterial file folders.

Worldwide office suppliers searching for new innovative products to offer their corporate and business clients are sure to find a partnership with Edofiber beneficial for extending product lines. Washi antibacterial file folders help to promote a healthier and more sanitary workplace.

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Ideal For All Environments Of All Types

Filing systems are vital for small businesses, home offices, and large private and governmental office operations. When planning a bulk buy, purchasers share many of the same concerns. After feeling the effects of a public health crisis, slowing the spread of germs and bacteria is more important than ever.

Edofiber revolutionized a process that injects antibacterial protection directly into the Washi paper during manufacturing. These long-lasting antibacterial properties help to protect anyone who handles the folders from spreading germs. Alternative file folders that only have a protective spray have a shorter lifespan.

Edofiber partners and resellers enjoy the benefits of providing valued clients with products that meet higher standards. FSC-Certification is a leading sales benefit that helps to close deals with organizations following green initiatives.

Meet Market Demands Offering Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders

Extend and expand your product line to meet today’s business needs’ demands by offering Edofiber office supplies. Undoubtedly, by providing a game-changing product line, you gain an edge over the competition. More importantly, you play a crucial role in helping your customers conquer the chaos in their offices with antibacterial file folder solutions.

Customers always appreciate the attention to detail that goes into creating the world’s leading paper file folders. Japanese office supply manufacturing, steeped in tradition, remains an integral part of the local and global economy.

Edofiber specializes in manufacturing and printing custom file folders as part of its Japanese office supplies line. The line itself is impressive and represents an opportunity for people who offer them to their customers. Business is all about relationships, and nothing builds and maintains those better than supplying high-quality products that deliver on their promise to what they’re supposed to without fail.

Antibacterial File Folders Make Presentations Safer

Employers are well-served to invest in eco-friendly and clean office supplies whenever possible. Antibacterial paper file folders help you operate with more confidence. These folders keep your workers protected while assisting them in organizing documents for presentations and projects in production. Everyone is concerned about bacteria and germs, and antibacterial file folders are the most innovative way to keep minds at ease.

Touching items in an office environment is more concerning now that everyone is aware of the potential health risks of spreading the flu, viruses, and other contagions in the workplace. People are right to have concerns about how they, and others, may spread germs. Every employer who wants to diminish their exposure to unwanted contaminants is wise to use antibacterial file folders to store and share pertinent documents and information. Taking this step removes one layer of concern when implementing a strategy to keep a clean and healthy office.

Staying Organized Is a Priority for Almost Every Business

File folders are fantastic for organizing your daily routines and crucial business tasks.

  • Filing is a perfect way to increase your productivity. That gives you extra time to work on more critical tasks.
  • Staying organized allows you to reduce your stress levels.
  • You never have to be late again for an appointment.
  • Proper filing ensures you readily meet your deadlines.

Ultimately, people and organizations that use paper file folders stay on top of the game. They’re looking for reliable office supplies that uphold tradition while blazing new trails. Edofiber is the type of enterprise that never rests on its laurels, preferring to continue perfecting and innovating eco-friendly products that help solve problems.

Protecting people and paper documents is straightforward with file folders. Washi paper, particularly the antibacterial kind, is ideal for filing and storing essential paper documents.

Custom file folders are limited only by your imagination. Companies and organizations can brand them and personalize them as needed, making them flexible for almost any purpose. Choose Edofiber as your preferred manufacturer, and please your demanding customers with ease.

Potential partners would be happy to learn a bit about the history of Edofiber, a subsidiary of Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd. Since 1928; the company has been using innovative processes to produce traditional Japanese paper products. Companies who want to distribute Washi paper for commercial applications are encouraged to contact the partnership information team today.

Our Japanese File Folders Are FSC Certified

Our Japanese File Folders Are FSC Certified

Few people downplay the significant risk that climate change poses for the world. Many businesses and organizations are taking the problem seriously and are rising to the challenge of adopting strict standards for product production that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the excellent ways to implement a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and resource attainment is through certification. While becoming FSC Certified is challenging, it is a worthy certification because following the requirements improves the environment.

Tenents Of The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

FSC is an integral part of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It’s vitally important for companies that rely on timber and other natural resources from the forest to create their final products. The U.N.’s fifteenth goal relates to life on land and the symbiotic relationship with humankind and nature, emphasizing proper stewardship of the world’s finite resources.

Deforestation is a massive concern due to the devastation it wreaks on the ecosphere. Organizations that meet Forest Stewardship Council standards are doing their part to ensure that these worst-case scenarios never happen. Companies that use forest resources need to heed the warnings and risks of deforestation and the emergence of deadly zoonotic diseases.

Forest Stewardship Helps Ward off Severe Environmental Problems

The forest is incredibly essential to humans, especially the 1.6 billion of them who depend on forests to earn their living. Seventy million indigenous people worldwide are dependent on forest ecosystems for every aspect of their existence. An astounding eighty percent of earth’s species live in such woody environments!

The Forest Stewardship Council is devoted to maintaining partnerships with companies that utilize earth’s forestry resources to do it responsibly. For the enterprises that sign on to the agreement, meeting requirements help minimize their carbon footprint and to preserve as many natural resources as possible.

The result of meeting and exceeding exacting standards, exceptional attention to maintaining traditional manufacturing techniques, and innovation help Edofiber lead the market in Washi paper products. The Chain of Custody Certification the company holds ensures a high-level commitment to forest stewardship.

FSC Chain-of-Custody certification is essential because it proves that products take a precise path from their forest origin to the final destination. FSC-certified materials stand out from alternatives because it remains distinctly separate through each life cycle phase. For Edofiber’s customers, it means they gain added confidence that the Washi file products and other forest-derived products receive proper handling according to the U.N. sustainability standards.

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Discover FSC-Certified Japanese File Folders

Japanese office supplies benefit from sustainable production. Japan, a country that’s well-known internationally for its vibrant business community, is a nation that consumes a significant share of forest derived resources as part of its economic output.

Washi file folders and custom file folders are popular with companies, many of whom are now highly concerned about environmental issues. Growing awareness among global business leaders about the dangers of poor resource management is spurring the rapid development of innovative techniques that emphasize avoiding deforestation and its subsequent problems.

Washi File Folders Are Beautiful and Durable

It requires paper to produce Washi file folders, meaning that traditional shrubs remain the primary source material. Edofiber, who manufactures a significant amount of these file folders, meets its responsibility to ensure that the forests remain viable, no matter how many they sell. Without sustainable forest stewardship practices, it’s possible to strip too many resources, causing a wide variety of mishaps. Avoiding that outcome remains a significant concern.

Washi file folders never lose their popularity and are suitable for companies of all sizes. Edofiber has gained a reputation for selling high-quality folders that meet and exceed requirements. These durable products help organize records neatly, keeping businesses running smoothly. Since this type of manufacturing has been going on for over twelve centuries, it’s evident that sustainability has long been a goal for Japanese manufacturers like Edofiber.

Custom file folders are another popular offering that sells in large volumes. Forest stewardship becomes even more paramount for large-scale manufacturers who consume many forest resources. The certification is not a meaningless slip of paper. Instead, it’s public documentation that proves whether a company believes in ensuring eco-friendly practices through every step of the supply chain.

Washi paper not only lasts a long time, but it also has aesthetic appeal. Beautiful file folders are a centerpiece for modern offices that maintain paper documents for internal purposes. They are also beneficial for small business and home offices, where an easy-to-understand filing system is harmonious with objectives.

Edofiber’s Commitment to Sustainability and Traditional Quality Ensure the Highest Quality File Folders

As a central tenet for a file folder maker, Forest stewardship should give anyone extra confidence in purchasing products from them. Companies who care for our planet’s diminishing resources are helping ensure a future for everyone. They are also indicating their desire to remain as a long-term industry leader who addresses problems head-on.

For their part, the U.N. is strict with their certification requirements, so there’s little chance fly by night firms could maintain standards for acceptance. Company owners and organizational leaders who want to ensure they’re purchasing the best possible file folders are smart to learn how FSC-certification protects their interests. Manufacturers who aren’t willing to invest the money and resources to maintain certification will not care about their products’ sustainability.

With a thick and absorbent texture, Washi is an ideal medium for multiple printing processes. Edofiber carries a complete line of products that use Washi, including file folders. The company possesses unique skills to process and print on Washi. Letterpress Printing, High-definition Offset Printing, Thin Paper Printing, Seal Printing, and Laminating are methods the company uses to produce Washi paper products that look amazing while lasting for a long time.

As the first Forest Stewardship Council certified Washi makers in the world, Edofiber continues to produce file folders that are the centerpieces of organized offices. Companies that rely on paper file folders and want the best can find it among the company’s product lines. The issue of deforestation is not one that will disappear anytime soon. Consumers who understand the case’s essential nature will want to stay on the side of dealing with environmentally responsible manufacturers.

Edofiber plans on leading the way for Washi paper manufacturers who only use certified resources that make their way through a strictly regulated supply chain. That decision means you will always get the best possible quality custom file folders and Washi file folders.

Non-Wood File Folders Are Good for the Environment and Keep You Organized

Non-Wood File Folders Are Good for the Environment and Keep You Organized

You may be unaware of significant developments in the file folder industry. Edofiber, a leading Japanese manufacturer of the product, is now promoting several innovative offerings worth investigating. First, consider using non-wood file folders to keep all your paperwork in order.

Traditional Filing Systems Remain Popular

Paper files never go out of style, regardless of how popular online management becomes. People are in the habit of keeping vital documents records at hand, and paper filing systems have proven valuable through centuries of global use.

No one wants to waste time, whether working at an office or organizing paperwork around the home. A paper filing system is a traditional way to keep organized when you have extensive paperwork.

Without a system in place, it’s way too easy to mishandle or lose paperwork. Tossing it into a drawer or leaving it somewhere you think you’ll remember later is a record-keeping disaster waiting to happen.

Procrastination has no place in the world of organization. Tomorrow is not the day to deal with paperwork that needs filing now. You need to implement your strategy without fail or delay and use it consistently to achieve the best results.

Throw Out Unneeded Papers Immediately

Always decide whether a piece of paper is worth saving or should get recycled. If the document contains sensitive information, but you don’t need to keep it, shredding can help protect your identity or account information.

Procrastination is a thief of time, especially when it comes to organizational workflow. By putting off dealing with documents when they first arrive, it introduces delays and increases the chances of oversights or errors.

Be meticulous with your filing system to ensure you get the best possible results and benefits. Toss away anything that you don’t need without hesitation!

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Stay Consistent With Your Naming Convention

To keep things running smoothly, keep your folder naming conventions and categories consistent. Identifying each folder with a logical naming convention makes it easier to group related paperwork.

For instance, creating individual files to store documents related to your mortgage, appliance warranties, receipts, user manuals, reports, or business expenses keeps everything in one place.

Keep Similar Documents Together for Simplicity’s Sake

It’s worth keeping documents of a similar nature together. That way, when you look in your reports folder, you’ll only find reports neatly grouped. It’s always going to be quicker to find a document in a folder with one use.

Washi paper files are exceptional products for this purpose because they’re water-resistant and durable to handle all your filing needs.

Simplicity is critical when organizing. Streamlining the process helps save time and frustration. If you make things too complicated, you’ll likely regret it later if you struggle to find crucial documents when you need them.

Maintain Digital Copies by Using Your Scanners

Even though it’s fantastic to have all your paper files, fire, or other unexpected events would be devastating without having a paperless backup. Always scan your incoming documents and keep a copy on removable media and a cloud backup service. By doing so, you retain the convenience of paper copies and the security of having digital backups.

While it’s extra work to keep your records in multiple locations, it’s a step to keep all your documents genuinely secure. Having digital copies of your files empowers you to retrieve them if they get lost or misplaced. The effort is worth it for the extra peace of mind it provides.

Use Subfolders When Applicable

You may always refine your efforts by using subfolders. Using subfolders, you can relate documents that would be better off kept separate. You may not be able to think of every scenario when you first configure your filing systems, but that’s okay because evolution is inevitable when it comes to organization.

When you find that your record-keeping is branching into different directions, decide what filing methods best suit the situation, and implement a smart solution.

Separate Your Ongoing and Completed Work

The most confusing thing to do is to mix documents for ongoing and completed projects. Always separate your workflow and file wisely. This organization tip will help you concentrate on ongoing projects while keeping files for completed work tucked away neatly.

Once you develop a system that’s ideal for your everyday use, there are few reasons to make significant changes. However, if you need to make adaptions, use a strategy that tweaks and enhances your existing processes.

Since you’re a fan of paper files, learning about world-leading products that make personal and office organization more effortless than ever is worthwhile.

Edofiber Leads the Field With 100% FSC Certified Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders.

Edofiber, a Japanese company with a decades-long commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, produces non-wood Washi file folders for personal and business use. These high-quality files follow the tenets of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC.)

These file folders utilize paper derived from Bamboo as the primary raw material. Edofiber uses an FSC-certified method to produce the Washi paper file folders. People who use them reap the benefits of having beautiful, durable Washi paper, non-wood, file folders that are 100% FSC Certified.

Why Is the Forest Stewardship Council Essential?

As their name implies, the Forest Stewardship Council’s primary task is protecting the world’s forest from many pressing threats. Nearly one half of all the planet’s birds, mammals, and the most threatened endangered species live in forests. Deforestation threatens wildlife, but improper forest stewardship also emperils industries that rely on the forest for their livelihoods.

For people, companies, and organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint, Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders offer an eco-friendly solution. Attractive and high-quality construction makes them ideal for commercial, business, and personal document storage needs.

Non-antibacterial versions are ideal for healthcare settings, food service, and other industries where keeping a bacteria-free environment is critical.

About Antibacterial Washi Paper Files

Edofiber was asked by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to create antibacterial Washi paper files. The company responded with antibacterial files that were so successful that Olympic visitors could use them at pre-events and conferences held during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics throughout 2019.

For more information on Edofiber Washi products, including antibacterial file folders, please visit their website.

Antibacterial Technology Is Superior to Chemically-Treated Paper for Files

Antibacterial Technology Is Superior to Chemically-Treated Paper for Files

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s no surprise that interest in home organization has grown exponentially across the world. For many, this unprecedented time in history provided extra time to focus on household and business management.

When you have a lot of spare time on your hands, there’s little reason to let your cleaning and organization take a backslide.

It isn’t always feasible to throw papers and correspondence away, so creating a sorting and storage system that provides antibacterial protection is a worthwhile endeavor in fine-tuning how you handle your documents.

Gather Everything You Need Into One Spot

First, you should gather all of your paperwork and documents in order to sort them in a central location. Depending on how you’ve previously handled or stored paperwork, this could require some time and effort.

For optimal results, we recommend the following items to streamline your project.

  • A file cabinet or files boxes
  • File folders
  • Paper shredder
  • Recycling bin
  • Printable Labels

Each of these tools plays an essential role in cataloging your necessary paperwork and documents.

If you have significant amounts of documents to sort and store, using durable, attractive, and antibacterial Washi paper file folders offer all these benefits. The antibacterial nature of the product means you can worry less about the potential for germ spread in your office or home.

Start The Sorting And Process

To work more efficiently, set up five staging areas for your documents. When sorting, decide which category is most appropriate for the paperwork. These five categories include:

Immediate action required – These are high priority items, such as bills and other time-sensitive account statements.

Archival items – These are items you may need to use later, but with no immediate need for them now. These documents could include correspondence about insurance policies, purchase receipts, product manuals, warranties, school records, and monthly bank statements.

Household necessities – These are your goto documents like coupons, takeout menus, and other documents that you refer to frequently.

Recyclable – Unwanted mail that doesn’t contain personal information and is of no interest to you is ideal for recycling.

Shredding required – Any document that you don’t want or need to keep that has personally identifiable information, such as account numbers, contact information, or other sensitive information, should get shredded to protect your identity.

With a winning system like this installed, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you sort and file.

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Decluttering Simplifies Your Life

There are not many reasons to horde documents. Most hold very little special meaning, so sorting, recycling, or shredding them as soon as you get them is most sensible. It would be best if you prepared to shred or recycle as often as possible.

To avoid clutter, save only the items you need, and stay on top of handling things you want to review later, such as sales circulars. Once you’ve reviewed them, process them efficiently. Many retailers offer hard copies of their sales circulars in their stores so that you can refresh your memory when you’re there.

Use an Archival System for Vital Documents

Excellent organizational skills require that related items get stored in clearly labeled or marked file folders. This system makes life easier when you need to retrieve:

  • Passports and travel records
  • Medical records
  • Tax returns
  • School records
  • Contracts, leases, and deeds
  • Retirement, life insurance, and financial documents
  • Social security cards, birth certificates, and baptismal certificates
  • Employment information and records

For documents of this nature, using a fireproof box and labeled Washi file folders preserves them, even in the case of a fire. By assigning an individual Washi file folder for each category, you can group all your essential papers and documents accordingly.

A Central Household File Helps Immensely

A household file is ideal for storing documents that don’t need action currently but will, at some point, making them ineligible for archiving. A household file with several sections, binders, or pockets is perfect for keeping gift cards, coupons, and other documents you may need shortly.

Use Your Action File for Documents on the Move

Maintain one “action” file to keep high priority correspondence easily at hand, and use it as your hub to keep your household and finances running smoothly.

The most important of all aspects of organizing your home or business office is consistency. One week where you fall behind can plague your entire system and cause a pileup of disorganized papers and clutter. If that happens, you’ll need to double your efforts and go through the backlog until everything is in order.

Washi Paper File Folders Make Life Easier

File folders are multifunctional and ideal for use when organizing paperwork and diverse hobbies like scrapbooking. Selecting attractive, durable, environmentally-friendly, and antibacterial folders help protect these folders’ content, whatever they might be.

Edofiber, the Japanese standard-bearer in high-quality Washi paper production, provides all of these benefits and more. The company, a recognized innovation leader in Washi paper production, offers a robust solution: Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders.

Producing Washi paper is a proud tradition, and Edofiber continues to make developments and advancements in their production of this remarkable product. With a history of Thirteen hundred years of continuous use, it’s not surprising that Washi possesses many qualities that make it a formidable competitor in the file folder industry.

Edofiber has advanced the use of Washi paper one step further with its introduction of antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood Paper Files. The specially-treated paper is bacteria-resistant, making it a healthier and safer option than non-bacterial resistant counterparts.

Edofiber offers both antibacterial and non-antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders. The company has worked closely with the Japanese government to reduce plastic use and offer more environmentally-friendly product alternatives throughout the nation. This partnership has helped them develop the expertise to release breakthrough products.

As COVID-19 continues to overpower the headlines and capture attention worldwide, antibacterial file folders are a wise investment. Businesses and organizations, including clinics, schools, and nursing homes, benefit from using antibacterial products as much as possible. Naturally, people working from home or their business office also benefit from keeping their environments germ-free and are sure to appreciate alternatives to traditional folders.

Edofiber antibacterial paper files are printable, and the treatment lasts for several years. The art of filing continues to evolve, as does Washi paper and its many profound uses.

To find out more about Edofiber’s unique antibacterial file folders and how they can help in your pursuit of healthier and more organized living, please visit their website for more information.

Chopsticks Serve Populations Across the World

Chopsticks Serve Populations Across The World

Did you know that approximately one-third of the people in the world use chopsticks to eat? Not surprisingly, in countries where sticky rice is the staple, such as Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam, the use of chopsticks is higher than in other regions of the world.

According to statistics, China alone uses 45 billion chopsticks annually. When you add in all the other regions that use chopsticks, the total number of chopsticks people employ each year is enormous.

Hashi Are Highly Functional Utensils

For people new to using chopsticks, it can take time and practice to master traditional hashi, which is the word for chopsticks in Japanese.

Unlike conventional eating utensils such as forks and knives, people use over fifty muscles and thirty joints in their hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders when using chopsticks to eat.

However, once people become comfortable using these utensils, they use them to pinch, scoop, press, mix and divide foods.

Chopsticks come in a wide range of materials, including bamboo, bone, fine china, metal, plastic, and wood. Chopsticks made from eco-friendly and reusable materials helps to minimize their environmental impact at landfills, which is essential thanks to their widespread usage.

Nuri-Bashi from Edofiber is ideal for restauranters, suppliers, and other businesses worldwide who want to offer authentic Japanese chopsticks to their valued clients and customers.

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Discover the Benefits of Traditional Japanese Chopsticks

To the untrained eye, all chopsticks probably look quite similar, but there are definite differences between high-quality Japanese hashi and other forms of chopsticks.

The most noticeable difference is that Japanese chopsticks are typically shorter than other hashi. Also, traditional hashi tapers off to a slender point and is available in a variety of sizes. Smaller chopsticks are ideal for children, teens, and women with petite hands.

These utensils have come a long way since their introduction. In the early days, Japanese chopsticks were reserved solely for religious ceremonies. At this time, hashi looked like tweezers made from one piece of bamboo attached at the top.

Interesting Facts About Chopsticks

Another interesting fact about chopsticks you may not know is these traditional Asian-inspired utensils get celebrated every year on February 6.

On that day, people all over the globe celebrate chopsticks and their invaluable service to humanity. If you plan on attending any events like this, it pays to understand a few critical points about etiquette.

Whether indulging in sticky rice, noodles, soup, or a meat dish, there are specific rules to follow when using hashi.

The first rule is using both hands to pick up the hashi while keeping the tips away from your fingertips.

When positioning them in your dominant hand, hold it like a pencil taking care not to keep it too close to the tip or the ends.

The second piece rests on your third finger, which stays in place when using them. Using the first two fingers and your thumb, you move the chopstick up and down.

Proper etiquette also requires that once finished with using hashi, you bring them together using both hands and gently place them on your hashi Oki rest.

Get the Best Chopsticks at Edofiber

Most importantly, not all chopsticks are created the same, not do they bear the same name in all languages. For instance, in Ancient China, they are called “zhu.” In modern Chinese, they are called “kuaizi.” In Japanese, they are “hashi.”

Hashi by Edo-Fiber offers multiple options to help add value and authenticity to your business. Please contact us for more information on our products. We fully support our full line of chopsticks and look forward to providing you with world-class service.

Sustainable Japanese Paper Manufacturing Processes Reduce Global Warming

Sustainable Japanese Paper Manufacturing Is Environmentally Friendly

Traditional Japanese paper is known for its high quality primarily due to its use of fibrous materials from the Kozo, Gampi, and Mitsumata shrubs. The current conventional manufacturing techniques for Japanese papers have a fourteen hundred year legacy, and people have been working this way since 610 CE!

It’s a celebrated tradition for Japanese companies to follow, but Edofiber has not limited itself to rely solely on traditional techniques. We have gone a step further with our manufacturing processes, ensuring that our products meet strict sustainability standards. That’s significant because Japan is the world’s third-leading national consumer of paper products and relies heavily on imports for raw materials for production.

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We Use Manufacturing Processes That Reduce Deforestation

Edofiber is well aware of the crucial need to reduce deforestation levels worldwide. In that spirit, we strive to use the natural fibers and vegetable-based inks. This commitment to using inks that replace petroleum solvents introduces fewer chemicals into the environment. We’re aware that it takes a firm commitment from global manufacturers like us to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

Edofiber contributes to achieving the UN’s 14 Sustainable Development Goals as part of Edofiber’s environmental strategy.

That devotion has earned our company certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, making us the world’s first company to achieve this honor. We feel that it’s essential for our company to provide environmentally friendly Washi paper manufacturing that helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The Forest Stewardship Council’s forest management certification gets awarded to companies that continuously prove they manage forest resources consistent with improving biological diversity. At the same time, these efforts benefit local workers and people who rely on the company’s operations in the local economy.

Using Natural Dyes Provides Many Benefits

Our commitment doesn’t end with paper manufacturing. We exclusively use environmentally-friendly vegetable inks for all of our printing services. Doing so offers several benefits, including producing aesthetically pleasing paper designs.

One traditional Japanese paper dyeing method is called Yasha. Yasha creates a natural yellow-brown color, derived from the boiled cones of the alder tree. Sakura is another natural dye made from cherry tree blossoms.

Using traditional dyes has been popular among Japanese paper manufacturers since the eighth century.

In the twelve centuries since Yasha’s invention, the dye has proven itself worthy because it exhibits durability and stability. These qualities are highly sought-after by conservationists and museums when preserving and restoring ancient documents. Combined with Washi, conservationists and restoration teams are able to produce a paper that exceeds expectations for usability, beauty, and sustainability.

Yasha proves its value in the world of document conservation, where it’s invaluable. This all-natural dye unlocks a subtle variety of colors and hues that enhance the paper’s final presentation. With a keen eye for the most minute details and passion for sustainability, we’re confident that our Washi paper is the highest quality.

Traditional Japanese dyes have graced Washi paper for over 1000 years. Edofiber is proud to help maintain this legacy of the environmental-first manufacturing approach and production of Washi paper.

Introducing Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders for the Times

Introducing Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders for the Times

When you think of Washi paper, thoughts of Japanese traditions immediately come to mind. However, simply because this form of paper-making has been around for so long, don’t let it confuse you about multiple innovations that are transforming the art.

One such breakthrough we’re proud to announce is our introduction of Washi paper with an antibacterial infusion. The process of creating the final product in this manner is exciting. First, we infuse a proprietary antibacterial ingredient directly into our standard manufacturing process.

This process increases effectiveness, and the paper performs better than directly spraying antibacterial catechin onto the paper’s surface, like most other manufacturers. Our method is superior because infused catechin always lasts much longer, maintaining its antibacterial qualities.

Get Ready for Innovative New Washi Products

Our first offering in the antibacterial Washi paper product line is the Washi file folder. File folders are ideal for dental or medical offices thanks to the antibacterial property, which significantly reduces the transmission of bacteria and contaminants. Add to that impressive feature the pure elegance of Washi paper, and you have a genuine industry-leading product designed to outlast competitor’s products.

The most popular file folders are typically plastic, which puts enormous stress on the environment. Worldwide plastic production is now 333.5 million tons, up three times since 1990. Companies dump 79% of that plastic waste illegally directly in oceans and landfills. Plastic file folders are extremely popular in Japan, so our new Washi paper file folders are the ideal solution for reducing this problem. Our file folders use Washi paper that’s approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Washi Paper for Sustainability

The Covid-19 pandemic is altering how people live and do business. Hygiene is of the utmost concern in offices, schools, and clinics. Washi paper folders are aesthetically pleasing and help protect against the spread of germs and contaminants.

If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to consider the benefits of using FSC-approved Washi paper made file folders in your environment.

Antibacterial agents get added during the manufacturing process, instead of applying it to the surface later. That makes the antibacterial properties useful for years.

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Print Ready For All Your Needs

Edofiber antibacterial file folders are suitable for printing at home on standard printers. We have corner-rounded designs available for those who prefer that format and for use at facilities with infants.

Now, more than ever, people have genuine concerns about spreading viruses. Alleviate their fears with antibacterial Washi paper file folders that are beautiful, durable, and have germ-fighting properties. Edofiber remains committed to being the world’s leader in sustainable Washi products, and our file folders continue that tradition.

Get More for the Same Price

We’ve worked extra hard to keep our prices affordable for our product, even though it requires extra steps during production. We use a customized machine that automates the entire production process, including cutting the folders at the end. Our machinery investment has allowed us to keep prices at the same point as the ordinary paper file folders.

Whether you need a couple of hundred units or thousands of antibacterial file folders, we’re here to deliver!

Contact us to ask for more information on this groundbreaking new product that keeps your establishment healthier and safer.

Natural Properties of Washi Paper Extended to New Markets

Natural Properties of Washi Paper Now Extended to New Markets

One of the most compelling qualities of Washi Paper is it’s an all-natural and incredibly durable paper. These properties make it a logical choice for modern restauranteurs interested in preserving the environment and providing a memorable customer experience.

Washi paper has protected chopsticks for a long time, and the material has repeatedly proven its worth. The goal is to protect and preserve chopsticks, providing diners with an unforgettable experience. The natural properties of Washi paper make it ideal for use in the foodservice industry.

You’ll soon understand why the material is so popular when you discover the most remarkable properties of Washi paper.

Consider the Many Benefits of Washi Paper

Washi paper production uses an acid-free process, which enables archival qualities without a hint of yellowing. The most fantastic part may be that this type of paper can last one thousand years!

One of the reasons the paper lasts so long is because it blocks UV rays. That makes it ideal for wrapping items that must remain protected from ultraviolet rays. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause enormous damage, including discoloration or fading. Wrapping chopsticks in Washi Paper is a surefire way to preserve them and keep them looking as ideal as possible.

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Prevent Insect Damage and More

Another interesting fact about Washi paper is it has natural insect-repellant properties. These properties make it an ideal protective wrapping for garment storage since clothing fibers often attract more than their fair share of moths and other damaging insects.

Additionally, washi paper is an absorbent material that does an excellent job of deodorizing. That makes it useful for a variety of applications where odor can be an issue.

Washi paper is extremely durable, especially in comparison to traditional Western paper derived from trees. The difference is that Washi uses long strands of fiber from the Gampi tree (Diplomorpha sikokiana), Mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry bush (Broussonetia papyrifera). Those fibers add durability to the finished product, which makes it last longer than other comparable products.

As you may imagine, all of these properties go a long way towards making Washi paper the world-famous option it is currently. With even more innovation, the material can find many new use cases and applications.

Anti-Bacterial: Our Newest Innovation

Edofiber is well-known for its pre-eminent position as a Washi paper manufacturer. One of the reasons we’re so renowned is because of our commitment to innovation. To that end, Edofiber has developed a new manufacturing process that uses an injection of catechin flavin-3-ols into Washi papers.

This process is a breakthrough because it adds anti-bacterial properties to Washi Paper, extending the possible uses for the material to new industries. The paper is suitable for medical office products, nursing home supplies, healthcare, and traditional foodservice supply companies.

Please watch for more information on Edofiber’s Washi anti-bacterial line of papers next month. We’re proud of our new process and can’t wait to share details with everyone. Make sure to visit our blog often for the latest information about Washi paper.

Traditional Japanese Paper Adds Flair Sophistication

Traditional Japanese Paper Adds Flair and Sophistication

There’s little doubt that traditional Japanese paper, Washi, has earned a global reputation for being a high-quality product. Washi paper integrates intimately with Japanese culture. For insights, consider the origin of the name.

“Wa” means “Japanese” and “shi” means “paper,” so it’s evident this material has long been an integral part of Japanese heritage and identity. The specialty paper uses local fiber from Japanese shrubs and trees and then undergoes vigorous manual processing.

Constant Development Raises Washi Paper Production to an Artform

Historical sources indicate that Washi paper first arrived in Japan thanks to Korean Buddhist priest Doncho. As they’re known to do, the Japanese took the original techniques he taught and advanced them to a new level. They used local fiber sources to make the paper as efficient and durable as possible.

Using textile-type materials like Kozo and Gampi added substantial strength to the paper, significantly extending it’s longevity and making it even more versatile.

Master’s at crafts loved working with the material so much that over thirteen hundred years of production, it became a foundation for numerous Japanese artforms. Production of the paper was such an intrinsic part of Japanese culture that entire towns sprang up around making Washi paper.

All these years later, Washi paper continues to evolve. Centuries of use and a global customer base ensure that it will remain essential. Let’s consider some of the applications for Washi in modern times.

Washi has proven itself a strong contender in the digital printing space. The same qualities that make it attractive for traditional uses are also ideal for printing. Durability and versatility are among the reasons that printers use Washi.

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Discover Washi for Printable Paper

White washi paper for digital printing gives you several different options for producing the highest-quality printed documents.

  • Yama – The production process for this paper uses wood pulp from coniferous trees. That makes the finished product suitable for greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, and stamp-books.
  • Kawa – Edofiber uses dedicated machines to produce this type of paper while retaining its hand-made appeal. This printable form of Washi is suited for food service.
  • Kumo – Kumo is similar to Kawa but uses a mix of Rayon fiber. The end product is printable and commonly used in foodservice.

Washi Paper Is Ideal for Office Supplies

Washi is gaining traction in the office supply sector. The material makes an excellent source of packaging paper, stationery, and craft supplies. Washi packaging papers come in a broad range of colors and styles, so it’s easy to find something perfect for any project. Make sure to check out our extensive collection for inspiration.

Washi Products Are Integral for Food Service Companies

Foodservice and restaurant supply companies buy and sell Washi paper, often to enhance traditional-style Japanese dining experiences. Washi paper and Japanese chopsticks go hand in hand and remain an enduring symbol of the nation’s work ethic and mastery of the art of paper-making.

About Edofiber

Edofiber is a world-leading supplier of Washi paper and has all of the solutions you need. We constantly innovate and bring new products to life, so make sure to stop back often to keep up with all the latest news.

Lacquered Chopsticks Create a Compelling Dining Experience

Japanese Lacquered Chopsticks Create a Compelling Dining Experience

There’s no doubt that chopsticks have a range of the most basic design to elaborate artistic expressions. Originally conceived and put into widespread use by the Chinese, by the time Japanese people began using them regularly, a few noticeable differences between the two cultures emerged.

Chinese chopsticks are almost always are simple and unfinished. Their Japanese counterparts, on the other hand, often have a finish, including beautiful lacquer.

Discover the Elegance of Nuri-Bashi

People who seek the ultimate in chopsticks will inevitably learn about Wakasa-Nuri-Bashi. These ornate chopsticks are meticulously hand-crafted by master artists in the Wakasa district in Fukui prefecture.

These beautiful chopsticks are considered luxury items in Japan and are generally handmade. The most crucial process for creating Wakasa-Nuri is applying a pattern to the chopsticks, covering that up, and revealing the design through careful polishing.

Although the handmade process is painstaking and can take up a year to complete, producing lacquered chopsticks for the masses is more straightforward. First, the process sees the application of two undercoat lacquer layers on the base material, which is almost always wood.

That first finish is thoroughly polished. Then, the application of additional lacquer gets applied and is polished again. The result is stunning, both dramatic and elegant.

Chopsticks Using Nuri-Bashi Lacquerware Style Are Suitable for Wholesale Business

Fortunately, for people who are nowhere near Fukui prefecture and want the look of the handmade classics without the cost, EdoFiber offers a solution.

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EdoFiber has developed a method of mass-producing the lacquerware style of Nuri-Bashi that is suitable for wholesale business. The company provides a valuable service for restaurants worldwide who want authentic Japanese chopsticks.

Wakasa-Nuri chopsticks, which are sometimes called jewel-lacquer, create a compelling presentation for the ultimate dining experience. EdoFiber lacquered chopsticks retain the historical heritage, and combine with modern technology, to make innovative lifestyle items that are sufficient for everyday and commercial dining.

A New Age Dawns for Nuri-Bashi

Due to the amount of time it takes for a master artisan to create chopsticks in this traditional manner, Nuri-Bashi has been too expensive for most commercial enterprises. Now, all of that is changing thanks to EdoFiber’s new process, which makes them affordable to a mass market.

EdoFiber partners with forward-thinking companies all over the world to promote the beauty and functionality of Washi. We’re first Washi makers in the world to receive first Forest Stewardship Council certification.

We’ve supplied chopsticks to the restaurant industry since 1959. Since that time, we’ve earned a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative products. We’re confident that you will appreciate our lacquered chopsticks. They add elements of tradition and beauty to your tabletops and takeout, which helps you maintain an edge over competitors who don’t use these stately utensils.

Wakasa Nuri-Bashi luxury chopsticks have long been a symbol of excellence for the Fukui prefecture. Our chopsticks incorporate the key elements that make lacquered chopsticks memorable for everyone. Restaurant businesses looking to improve their diner’s experience should consider adding our new products to your lineup.

If you would like more information on our extensive line of high-quality products, reach out today for more details.