Bulk Paper

We are available for Bookbinding, with the possibility to change the pattern on every bookbinding and page of a notebook, letter paper, memo paper, or accounting documents.


We accept manufacturing from handmade goods products that can not be processed with machines to inspections and individual packaging finishing in a consistent work. We support in-house until OPP insertion and setup.


A pattern that stands out when held up against light in technique to thin the paper thickness of the part of the pattern. It’s used for a diploma or a certificate.

Edge Dyeing

It is technique called Fuchizome, which means to dye cut side of the paper (rim). It creates a unique texture unlike printing, and leaves a wonderful feel that only handicraft can provide.

Foil Stamping

It is a method of printing foil by thermal transfer. In addition to the luxurious presence of gold and silver, there are monochrome and holograms. We will correspond up to A1.

Box Making

Boxes to put a present or an expensive thing inside. It adds beauty and a sense of quality by using exquisite Washi (Japanese traditional paper).

Original Punching

It bends in a Belt-shaped blade in a free form and has punching die. This work that is essential to produce packages.


A technique that draws a pattern on paper without using any ink, it is used to increase the quality of the texture.